I don’t answer my phone and I don’t go near the windows again, I wait and eventually hear his car back out of my driveway. I sneak to the windows and look out, he is indeed gone. I choose that moment to text him. “I don’t know who this is.” Let’s see him get upset with that, could be fun, or this could turn into a massive issue. 20 minutes go by and my phone starts buzzing and ringing again, dozens of texts coming in at such a pace that I can’t keep up with them. I let my phone go, putting it in my room to allow the flood of texts to run its course while I finish my chores and wait for my mom to come home. We’re going to meet my aunt for dinner but she’s picking me up.

Dinner is easy, and when I get home I go to my room to deal with the flood of texts. My phone, poor thing, is nearly dead from all the ringing so before doing anything else, I plug it in. All the texts are from the same number.

You know who this is

We should talk


Stupid bitch, I know where you live

Please, just respond

Talk to me

Talk to me

Talk to me





Come on

Its Nathan

Please, talk to me

Let’s meet up

I can come over 

I just sigh and keep scrolling, they all appear to repeat themselves but for some reason, a little voice in the back of my head (that sounds suspiciously like Kylie) is telling me to respond to him. My fingers hover over the keys as I try to think of what to say, finally settling on We have nothing to talk about

His response comes quickly, almost like he was waiting for me We have everything to talk about. There was nothing going on between Kylie and me, what we did was love, please can we talk face to face?

I feel sick and take a while to respond, I almost expect another flood of text but I manage to respond. No

My phone is silent the rest of the night, but I fear that I will hear from him or see him again. I need a plan.