Hi, I’m Maisy. I started my creative journey in 2012, now 6 years later here I am. I’m a 24 year old full time sales associate in a toxic retail environment.

Originally I posted to DeviantArt, that page has been active for roughly 3 years; the problem I had is original content gets little to no attention on the site, so I started posting fanfiction and wouldn’t you know it- attention. But still only to the fanfiction and not the original content. So here I am, posting original content on here and doing pretty good for myself, I think.

You can:

My posting schedule is as followed on this site:

  • Posting will take place on Tuesdays and (hopefully) every other weekend
  • Take 1-2 week(s) break after story has been completely posted and edited
  • Outline
  • Repeat

Note: I do not post to Deviantart anymore but I do still favorite and give out Llama badges, you are free to follow me there if you want to.