Maisy tells stories

Let’s Talk: Stale Writing

I don't see any growth and I'm feeling a bit burned out

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Thank you

I will always mean this, this site has changed my life. Thank you

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Character sheet 27

I've got a cold and this made sense at the time.

Still Angry

I can be very angry sometimes.

The Winter King [short story]

Short story Sunday

I love you, Maker of Bagels [script]

All hail Owner of House and Maker of Bagels

Morbid and angry (140 words)

I really hate Christmas crap before Thanksgiving

Scavenger log 37

Death is looming

Theft [script]

Cyrus isn't always disinterested in his job

Character sheets 25 + 26

Just two characters trying to figure our life together

Scavenger part 36

Why is this so hard?

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