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Let’s Talk: Stale Writing

I don't see any growth and I'm feeling a bit burned out

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Thank you

I will always mean this, this site has changed my life. Thank you

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Clair View Ridge [part twelve]

Secret revealed

Clair View Ridge [part eleven]

All is lost

Clair View Ridge [part ten]

David is done with this war. It'll end soon

Clair View Ridge [part nine]

Answers go unsaid, questions go unasked, and the snow will hide all.

Clair View Ridge [part eight]

Secrets kept, feelings hurt. Ma is having none of this.

Clair View Ridge [part seven]

What secrets are kept out in the wilderness and cold

Expectation versus Dreams

Just more complaints

Clair View Ridge [part six]

Naive, sweet, loyal boy. I want this to be over

Clair View Ridge [part five]

Real talk is often needed

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