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I choose to create, I choose to share my work because I cannot sit idly by and watch myself become what I never wanted.

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The land of Ash [part 4]

Perhaps an outsider is just what this clan needs

The Land of Ash [part 3]

Naomi is finding her place, too bad she doesn't know the native language.

The Land of Ash [part 2]

Naomi has found some sort of place, but it is not the best place to be. Small steps will lead to a better position within the village.

Character Sheet 9 [52 words]

Beauty is a mask

The Land of Ash [part 1]

Naomi has awakened in a strange place, though she knows where she is she does not know what she will do now to earn herself a place and food with this new clan

The Land of Ash [introduction]

Someone unknown has come to the village, is it a good or bad omen? Only time will tell

The Land of Ash (characters)

Meet the most basic yet vital characters in the story

The Land of Ash [basic information]

I'm not sure where I'm going with this yet

The Book of Shaun (script)

What happens when a travelling artist finds a girl with the prophetic book?

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