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I choose to create, I choose to share my work because I cannot sit idly by and watch myself become what I never wanted.

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Huntress of Destiny [part 17]

"A-At this rate I would venture a guess of four"

Short Story [999 words]

I don't know where I am going, but I'm sure I will know when I'm there.

Huntress of Destiny [part 16]

I walk most of the night, before sensors warn me of my low batteries.

Huntress of Destiny [part 15]

Time to go home, its clear I failed.

Esnia general information

vampires, fog, and mysteries. Esnia is an odd world that has not been fleshed out yet

Huntress of Destiny [part 14]

I've never felt like such a failure

Huntress of Destiny [part 13]

I try to shake my head but as I do my vision blacks out and I am once again gone from her world.

Huntress of Destiny [part 12]

Our eyes lock and I become painfully aware of how old I really am as it moves near soundlessly toward me. I will not falter now, for the life forms of this little planet I must win.

Character sheet 2 (93 words)

written at work on break

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