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How many times can I thank you?

There will never be a time I'm not grateful for this journey

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Fall (interrogation)

Some times you just have to change the plan

At Ease (poem)

I've been feeling more at ease even though I'm only 2 sessions into receiving help


The betrayer doesn't matter, my recovery does

Collapse (poem)

We all have burdens to bear, don't let yours break you

Fall (blood letting)

Poor Atticus, first his friend is killed and now his grief is interrupted

Random Word Poem (Tribute)

This one was fun

Winter Season (poem)

I probably won't miss winter that much this year, there has been a lot of snow

A prayer to let go

my counselor has given me a task this week, decide if I can forgive my Betrayer

Fall (Winter)

Simple but true

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