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Nosey (poem)

I used to work in the nursing home where terrible parents were put to die, that was the reputation

Late post

The post today will be late, I've run into a schedule conflict and computer issues all at the same time. I wish I wasn't so tired all the time and that we weren't going through a restructuring at work but... Continue Reading →

Sleep Poem

I love napping in blanket forts

Untitled Poem 2/4/23

Tired and driftin in and out of sleep as I write

Fall part 41

my struggle is real, next one will be longer. I'm sorry guys

Truth or Dare (poem)

Sometimes a surprise is nice

Fall part 40

The next few of these should be longer, I'm trying to wrap it up before the baby comes

2023 Writing Prompt 1

Short little writing prompt

Fall part 39

Here we go, getting my stuff going now

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