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The Writer and the Platform

I choose to create, I choose to share my work because I cannot sit idly by and watch myself become what I never wanted.

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Let’s Talk: Creature Creation

Creatures can be the corner stone to your stories, but they need to be done right and fill their role perfectly.

Character sheet 8 [82 words]

No story, no connection, nothing left. But he holds on

Character sheet 7 [123 words]

Markus only desires that others not follow his path through life

Let’s Talk: friends

Take a leap of faith, reach out to your friends and fellow creators.

Let’s Talk: Burnout

Burnout is a serious problem for some people. Relax and let yourself recover some

Beyond the Void [end]

Send mission report.

Beyond the Void [part 21]

Hunger and loneliness have gotten the better for Wendy.

Beyond the void [part 20]

Contact is cut, Wendy is truly alone now.

Beyond the Void [part 19]

Against her better judgement Wendy sets out to investigate and what she finds rewrites the narrative she has been living.

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