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Justification (poem)

I'm sure this is how people once felt

Shieldmaiden – Survival (part 1)

The next part is ready to go, let's have some fun

Night Attack (poem)

A little dark poem for ya'll

3 Random Poems

Just some short little fun things

Shieldmaiden – Survival (characters)

Aw yeah, got the characters up

Storm (poem)

Weather the storm

Shieldmaiden – Betrayal (End)

The end of one part and the start of another (next week)

Bad Explanations: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Not a medical professional, please see a doctor for testing and diagnosis

Shieldmaiden – Betrayal (part 10)

This has once again taken an odd turn, the changes I will need to make in editing will be dramatic I think

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