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Let’s Talk: Stale Writing

I don't see any growth and I'm feeling a bit burned out

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Thank you

I will always mean this, this site has changed my life. Thank you

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New Girl [script]

Meet Blanche, Cyrus already has eyes for her but its mutual

Scavenger part 32

I'm ready to go and Ethan won't know I've gone till its too late

In the Shadows part 12

Road trip, destination is well known, but the pain is horrifying

Oracle in the Mountains

I'd like to make this a series but I don't know if I'll be able to

Perfection [script]

Sometimes snooping pays off

In the Shadows part 11

This is getting harder and harder for Giovanni


Kingdoms rise and fall

In the Shadows part 10

Something isn't right, but what?

Visitor [script]

Its not a threat, its a promise

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