Maisy tells stories

The Marshal: Characters part 2

The General Store Owner and his "lovely" family


The Marshal: Characters part 1

Meet the local Tailor and his family

The Marshal

This will be written in November but not for NaNoWriMo

Let’s Talk: The Future

Work sucks, but if it was fun we'd call it fun and we'd do it for free

Unused Story Idea (271 words)

Unused, family friendly, goofball story

Whirlwind – The End

Ian had passion, but he wasn't the one for me. He helped me move on from my past by just being him. I can be happy now

Whirlwind – Drifting

I'm losing him, but I regret nothing. Its hard to date a man who loves art more then people

Whirlwind – Uninterrupted

This has been a great two days with Ian, maybe this can work out between us

Whirlwind – Unusual Self

I'm so mad at him, but he always has a way to make it better. Even if this way was embarrassing.

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