Maisy tells stories

Story from old (164 words)

The fire rained down on us

Valerian (movie review spoilers)

Contains spoilers

Summer Night (66 words)

Summer heat, sweat, and bug spray yep that's my life from late June to Early September

A talk with Death [script]

ever wanted to talk to Death? I have.

Train Rider [Script]

Erik and Sandy, a cold winter's night on a train.

Writing Prompt 8 (54 words)

People call him Hudson

Writing Prompt 7 (201 words)

Gianna, a thing of knowledge and ignorance

Marakeen Raiders (181 words)

Expert raiders living by their own code, are they friend or are they foe?

Hidden Darkness [part 15]

The Order has come, but it is Giovanni who leaves. Never bite off more then you can chew.

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