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Beyond the Void [part 18]

Jenny is down for maintenance, and now the strange messages are back without interference, what will Wendy do?

Beyond the Void [part 17]

Another mystery message has appeared, this time though Wendy asks for a diagnostic test on Jenny when she malfunctions.

Beyond the Void [part 16]

The power goes out and when it comes back there is a mysterious message, what's odd is the glitch that occurs.

Beyond the Void [part 15]

Wendy learns that she will be alone for another three months when all she wants to do is have people around her. Real people, not Jenny

Beyond the Void [part 14]

Wendy is ready for the rest of the team to come planet side with her. Is she really ok or is she hiding her true feelings?

Beyond the Void [part 13]

The haze shatters and the tears flow, the sadness leaving the dull ache of loss in her heart

Let’s Talk [Character Creation]

Everyone has their own way, these are two ways I create characters.

Untitled [78 words]

Some words should be spoken, others shouldn't. This is how I feel sometimes, you can decide if these should have been said or not.

Beyond the Void [part 12]

With a sudden loss Wendy pulls into herself, will she come out of her depression or will it claim her?

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