Rathom is several hours away, they pull into the station late at night and unload the horses, finding the less than reputable inn just off the platform. Check-in is easy and sleep comes quick for both of them, even on empty stomachs. They sleep till late the next day, waking in time for lunch which they have in the small restaurant on the first floor. Afterward, they go out and explore the town, keeping close tabs on each other and their belongings, not fully trusting the run-down little town. As they walk they pass several walls covered in wanted signs, they glance at them but do not see anyone they recognize and carry on. As they walk to chance upon the sheriff’s office, hanging outside are the wanted posters for everyone that has been caught, this one they stop and study closely.

There are names they recognize, and others they don’t but one stands out, sitting right on top – Robert Donavan. “They caught him,” Drex mutters, pulling the sign off.

“That’s him?” Rosa peaks over his arm and looks at the paper. “He doesn’t seem that bad.”

“He seems… small in this drawing.” Drex whispers “Like he’s sick or something.”

“Good.” Rosa straightens up.

“I wonder where he is.” Drex sighs and punches the paper back over the nail, leaving it hanging precariously.

“Inside,” Rosa answers bluntly while pointing at the glass. Drex hums and looks up, and there he is, sitting in the sheriff’s office in cuffs.

“He looks broken.” Drex comments, looking at the man with slumped shoulders, staring at his lap.

“Don’t change your mind.” Rosa snarls and Drex laughs.

“Understood, miss.” His joyous voice annoys Rosa more than he realizes and she huffs, crossing her arms.

“What should our plan be?” She asks.

“I don’t know yet but we should probably get moving before we arouse too much attention.” They move along before anyone notices their staring and head back to the hotel, chatting idly to keep attention off of them. Once they are in their room, they sit down and think quietly together for a long moment.

“I suppose we need to figure out if they are going to move him somewhere else.” Rosa starts.

“And if they are we can take him out on the road.” Drex finishes. “But how do we find this out?”

“I’m not sure.” They fall back into silence and Drex stands up. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to have a bath.” Rosa hums, liking the sounds of that as well. “I’ll be back soon, don’t get into trouble.” She waves him off and goes to the window, looking out into the city.