Rainy days were always Peyton’s favorite. The streets were quiet, the library was practically empty and there was nothing to do but watch the droplets fall. The smell of wet earth permeated the old library and she quietly walked down to the children’s book section with a bucket in hand, setting it under the leak in the roof to catch the water. She makes another mental note to remind the director but for the moment there is little to be done about it but to place the bucket and to watch it, in case it starts to overflow. She idly wanders the library putting away books and cleaning up the small messes left by visitors who fled with the weather warning while also searching for a book she could read herself, as she walked up and down the towering shelves a book plummets to the carpet before her. With a sigh she leans down and grabs it, reading the back, then flipping through. “I haven’t read this in years.” She mutters as she takes it back to the desk, lightning flashes, the lights flicker, and then the thunder rolls and she speeds up her pace, wanting to reach her desk before power is lost for good in the old building. She turns on her battery-powered desk lap and starts to read as the power comes and goes with each lightning strike, as she reads the storm fades from her forethought and she only looks up when the power goes off and does not come back on immediately. With a shrug she returns to the book, leaning closer to the lamp and reading, though every once in a while she looks around like she heard something, though knowing how old the building is and that she is all alone, she shrugs it off and keeps going.

As she reads the words on the page seem to glow, she cannot put the book down and from the spine, a blinding white light erupts forth and she lets out a scream as she is pulled in by thousands of hands, dragging her into the pages and slamming the book shut behind her.