You do what anyone would do, you fight back. You manage to hold them off for a little bit but after a while you are overwhelmed and dragged out into the garden where you are then put to death. No one seems to question this even as you scream in agony, bleeding out slowly before the final blow.



You do what anyone would do, you keep running. You use bystandards and anything else to keep them at bay but alas it is not meant to be. As you escape the ball room and run up a flight of stone stairs you loose your footing and fall forward, smashing your chin into the second story floor before tumbling down the stairs. Life slipping away you watch the world go between blinding light and darkness before you just stop seeing the light.


Reveal (Alexander)

You hesitantly remove your mask and watch the light of recognition come on. Alexander tears up, almost ready to cry once again. “Oh my friend, my dearest friend.” He embraces you tightly and you return the gesture. “I’m so happy to see you.”

“It is good to see you too.” The years of anger wearing off almost immediately. “I couldn’t resist when I saw the flier for this party.”

“I am glad you’re here. Come, let us drink and talk as old friends, tell me about your life.”

You remain and speak with him late into the night, he eventually nods off and you rise, faced with a nearly impossible choice.

  • Stay (post eight)
  • Go (post eight)

Silence (Alexander)

You just let him talk before he grows bored of you and moves on. You stay and drink for a few more hours watching the party devolve into insanity before finally joining in and letting whatever happens happen.


Reveal (Erik)

You can’t resist the urge to whip your mask off and reveal yourself to your godchild, he needs the advice. His eyes go wide, drop to your hand and then a smile appears. “I knew you were still alive.”

“Of coarse” You smile at him “Now don’t go telling everyone who I am.” You pull the mask back on as guards approach.

“Of course not sir,” He agrees quickly while the guard passes “Perhaps we should move to a quieter area.”

“What did you have in mind?” He just smiles and leads you to the library, the door closing and locking behind the two of you. “Lovely collection.” You look around, missing the library you once had.

“Thank you.” He sits down with a sigh and you look over at him “Why did you leave?”

“I didn’t want to die.” You pull your mask off and set it aside

“Did you really want to kill us.” You think about it for a moment then sigh.

“At one time perhaps but that was long ago and I never actually thought to carry it out.” Silence follows for a moment.

“I missed you.” You turn and smile at him “I always thought you’d come back.”

“I always planned to.” You sit next to him and watch him stare at his drink, he’s grown up so quickly, from being a little boy to a strong young man. He catches you staring but says nothing as you look away.

“Will you stay with me?” You can’t tell how he means and you kind of hate yourself for thinking he could mean it any other way then ‘stay in this house for the summer with my family and I.’

  • Stay (post eight)
  • Refuse (post eight)

Silence (Erik)

You remain quiet while he vents, slowly getting more and more drunk before he just wanders off and you take to the dance floor again, the women are young and beautiful to you right now and you can’t help yourself. You dance, you flirt, you drink, you kiss, and then wake up late the next day alone in bed completely naked. You aren’t even mad, you just dress and leave before you run into your partner from last night.


Walk away

You just walk away, she isn’t your problem and this isn’t as fun as you thought it would be. You return to the estate and pick up a few expensive items on the way out the front doors to your home.


Comfort her

You pout and walk to her “Miss?” You call softly, she turns and looks at you, annoyed at your presence. “Are you the girl I danced with?” She sniffles and dabs at her tears.

“Yes, sir.” You offer a smile and move closer, she watches you closely.

“Do you need a comforting shoulder?” She gives you a look of disgust.

“I don’t know what you’ve heard but I am-”

“I did not mean to imply any misconduct.” You cut off “I thought you would like to tell someone what is bothering you.” She nods and watches you sit on the bench, she eventually joins you and sits in silence, sniffling from time to time. For a moment you contemplate leaving and since she shows no sign of speaking you stand up.

  • Leave (post eight)
  • Stay (post eight)