This is a second part to TRAITOR and there may be another part coming at some point

Stay (Alexander)

You sit back down and smile at him, this wasn’t as hard as it seems. You watch the fire and drink till dawn when he awakens and finds you still there. Relief seems to rush to him and he smiles. “Do you mind if I stay?” You ask, Alexander looks away, tears welling up.

“Stay my friend, stay. It brings me joy.” You smile at him and offer him a glass of wine just like old times.


Go (Alexander)

You watch the old man sleep for a little bit before penning out a letter to him. You fold it and leave it next to him before vanishing into the night, returning to your camp and pilfering your stuff for only what you can carry. By dawn you are half way to the coast line and by night you are on a ship heading for the slave running nations beyond the horizon.


Stay (Erik)

You ignore your inner thoughts, deeming them disgusting and wrong, and move in. You regale him with stories from your time with the Black Knights and as a highwayman while also earning a place in his court as an adviser. You feel a bit of pride inserting yourself into his court and probably angering his father. You celebrate his success, you celebrate his failure, and while you’re at it you sell his secrets to whomever will pay and often document his movements, sending them to the Black Knights as way of making amends.


Refuse (Erik)

You think you know which one he means but would if he means the other. You hate yourself, you know how it will end, and you know its wrong. He’s your godson for the sake of all that’s good! Maybe its the alcohol, maybe its spite, maybe he really is putting off vibes for something other then family, you wish you knew; you wish you could control yourself but there is just something about all this. You lean in and kiss him, and for a blissful second he doesn’t react. Then he does, his fist connects with your jaw hard and your vision wobbles as he shoves you away and runs to the door, flinging it open and screaming down the halls for guards. They are upon you in moments and dragging you down the halls while Erik berates and screams at you, the words all blend together as they bring you to a cell in the basement, locked away you have time to sulk till Alexander appears, scowling at you. “You couldn’t just stay away could you? You just couldn’t drop dead in a field and leave us alone.”

“I’m guilty of whatever Erik has said.” You mutter knowing you picked wrong. Alexander snorts and you are left in the cell alone with very little food and water.



She isn’t talking and you’re getting annoyed listening to her sniffle. If a sigh you stand up and walk away, she makes no effort to stop you or talk. “Waste of my god damn time.” Angry you return to the ball room and just begin to drink and eat freely, never feeling so full in your life nor as drunk as you are in this moment. Faces blur together and you stumble out the front gates unhindered and attempt to head home. The way is longer then you remember and nothing really feels right, finally you just drop into a field and roll over onto your back. Everything feels awful and you just want to sleep.



You wait and wait but finally she stops crying and starts talking. She tells you horrifying story of her childhood under an abusive father before her uncle saved her only to prostitute her to keep the house afloat and now she is expect to marry your godson who she does not love, does not like, does not trust, and does not want to be in the same room as him. She cries and gets angry and carries on and on for about forty minutes then stops, looks at you, and flushes. “I’m sorry.” is all you manage before she is crying again only this time she is pressed against your chest.

“I-I wish that highwayman would just steal me away!” She finally yells, tears still streaming.

“Perhaps her can.” You offer softly, she looks up at you and narrows her eyes.

“How so?” You smiles and lift your mask.

“I may know where you can find him.” She looks at you and narrows her eyes.

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“You can’t but I won’t keep you against your will.” She swallows, then nods.

“I’ll meet him here in half an hour.” You nod and stand up with her like you are going to leave, instead she takes off running and you just sit back down. She reappears and eyes you. “I thought you’d go get him”

“I got him hours ago.” You watch the pieces click in her mind and she shakes her head.

“Erik would lose his mind if he knew I danced with a highwayman.” You shrug and take her bag before offering your arm to her. You escort her out of the garden, up the hill and to your camp. She is shocked but then happy and seems to enjoy staying with you over the next few days till she is really missed and you are forced to move along, finding a new home with your new lady friend, eventually settling on a small coastline town in a small home.