Reader’s Warning: Contains smut (I hope I got better but its hard for me to tell)

The couple remains locked away in their rooms all the next day, only sending for a servant if they truly needed something like food or more paper. By the time the candles have burned low they have sheets upon sheets on Lilith, the fallen, and magic. “Do either of us feel more confident?” Caden asks, blowing out one of the last candles.

“No, but perhaps if she has a name she can be led to speak on her master Noir.” Star looks up, taken aback by Caden’s looks in the low warm lighting.

“Perhaps, wasn’t there something about that?” Caden leans over her to look through a few papers before giving up and standing up straight. “Perhaps its bed time for us again, huh, little one?” He looks down and finds Star staring at him like he might be eatable. “Little one?”

“Huh? Oh, uh, yeah.” She stammers with a quickly reddening face. Caden smiles and takes one candle with him to the bedroom, using it to light the few candles that are also just a little more then puddles of cool wax. He intentionally does not light them all though, bathing the room in dim, warm light. As though he does not notice her staring he strips, slower then usual with more purpose before turning to Star in just his pants.

“Joining me?” He asks with a devious smirk. Her eyes widen then drop, for a moment he thinks he might stepped over a line but when she looks up, she looks more sure of herself.

“Of course.” She manages without stammering before going to the bed and carefully pulling off her dress leaving just her shift. With an arched eyebrow its clear Caden will need to make the first move. He refuses to rise to her bate, instead he pulls the covers back and lays down, Star huffs for a moment, realizes she did that, and hurries into bed, pulling the covers up and nearly over her head. He chuckles and lays back, arms resting under his head on the pillow. She pouts and scrunches her face up before scooting closer and resting her head on his chest, listening to his heart and the whispers. Her eyes close for but a moment, focusing on the old words and nearly jumping out of her skin when Caden’s hand falls to her waist.

“Sorry little one, I didn’t realize you were sleeping.”

“Its ok, I wasn’t. Just listening.” She rests her head again but the warm light and the closeness combining with memories of the night before make her heart race and courage rise. As his chest begins to rise and fall she scoots toward the headboard and presses a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth, with a smug, sleepy smile he opens his eyes and looks at her.

“Yes?” She bites her lip while he pretends to not know what is going through her mind.

“I,” Words fail her, without the ability to explain, she just leans down again, pressing another kiss to his lips. She does not pull away when his arms guide her to straddle him, not breaking the kiss even as his hands slide under her shift to hold her hips still. She pulls away with a soft gasp when he grinds up against her, her head drops down to his shoulder as he continues. His soft moan making her heart thud in her chest and breath hitch. She can feel him straining against his pants, biting her lip she grinds down and moans. He releases her hips and slides his hands over her delicate curves, pushing the light material out of his way, she pauses for only a moment to toss the shift away. His hands reach up and cup her sizable breasts, massaging them for a moment while she continues to grind, a deep blush on her cheeks and mouth hanging open some.

With sudden action he flips their positions, taking some of her power as he grinds himself against her. “Star, please, tell me I can.” Her legs wrap around his waist and pull him closer as she moans, the ability to speak nearly forgotten “Please,”

“I-I” She turns her away, shame tainting the moment in her mind “I don’t know?” She closes her eyes tightly, refusing to look at him even as draws moans and gasps from her parted lips

“Want to stop?” He manages through gritted teeth

“No, please no.” She whines, he smirks and stops, pulling a whine from her “No, Caden please?” He kisses her neck, while a hand skims between her legs, a solitary finger pushing inside her. He thrusts it slowly while she attempts to grind against his palm. “Caden,” she whines with a little hiccup.

“Yes little one?” His voice in her ear draws a shiver

“Please,” He licks up her neck and nips her ear “Oh gods”

“Can I tell you something?” His voice rumbles, before he finishes his question she is nodding “It is taking all my restraint to not take you right now.” She whimpers and grips his shoulder tightly “I just want to make you see the heavens above.”

“Caden” Her voice is a high desperate whine “Please~”

“Please what little one?” He smirks against her neck, with a loud scream she falls over the edge, clutching him tightly while waves of pleasure crash over her. Finally she release him and he carefully withdraws, uncomfortable in his pants.

“Where are you going?” she looks over, he manages a smile.

“I promise I’ll be right back.” He vanishes from the room and for a moment Star thinks about following, but with her bones feeling like jelly she just remains on the bed. He does finally return after several minutes and drops into bed, pulling her close and kissing her forehead. She snuggles close and looks up at him “What is it little one?”

“Are you mad?” He stares at her a moment, then everything clicks and he smiles, shaking his head.

“No little one, why would I be mad? You have rights and I will not force you.” She smiles and closes her eyes, though the peace is short lived when the main door bursts open, Caden is quick to rise up and Star is fast to pull her shift on. He pushes her behind him as men flood his room. “What is the meaning of this?”

“The queen calls for your arrest, Advisor.” The main guard thrusts papers at him, he snatches, reads it, and tosses it aside.

“I am advisor to the king! You cannot do this to myself or anyone in my employ!” His voice raises and his shoulder go back. Star reaches around, hand falling on the scar over his heart. The beating is strong and true with no hint of illness; the shouting continues till a woman’s voice breaks the shouting match.

“Enough!” Louisa’s voice rings but she is no where to be seen “You invited me to rip her head off and I just might!” Caden balks

“I want to see you try.” He mutters, praying to whomever listens and hoping beyond reason the scrawled charms on the door will stop her.

“Bring him to me!” The men are hasty to obey one grabbing Caden’s forearm, he is quickly shaken off ending up on the ground with a busted bleeding nose with Caden looming over him, fist clenched.

“We are out matched,” Star murmurs “please.”

“We can walk on our of accord.” Caden drops his fist and turns, lifting Star in his arms and walking through the crowd to the door, stopping on his side of the threshold.

“Follow me.”

“Why do you command from the hall, queen? I would think you’d love to see me in my bed with my lady love.” She takes a half step forward with a snarl but cannot cross the threshold. Caden laughs loudly at her but then steps to her side. Her hand snaps out, catching him across the face, rings leaving nasty gashes in his skin. Without words she spins and Caden follows, finger digging into Star’s flesh. She blots at the blood while he walks, turning the sleeve hem of her shift a dark red. “Stupid witch.” He mutters as she motions for him to enter a cell.

“Star comes with me.” He sets Star down and sizes up Louisa.

“She stays by my side.” The queen looks to her soldier.

“Get that half breed.” He takes a step in and Caden lashes out, catching him off guard with left hook to the cheek and an upper cut putting the man out of commission.

“You want her, come and get her.” Louisa stares at him, horror in her eyes. Both woman can hear the whispering of old “Step one foot in here and I will rip you apart Louisa.”

“Fine keep your whore.” She snaps, her guard stumbles from the cell and she locks the door. Caden stands there a moment longer before Star’s soft touch brings him back to the cell around them.

“Caden,” Her arms wrap around him, pulling his ear close to her mouth “you’re rage can kill people, and I know what’s causing it.”

“What little one?” his whispers back.

“Her blade shattered. There is a piece within you, that is why you did not die.” He straightens and looks at her, searching for lies or half-truths.

“It made me stronger.” She nods and he nods in return. “We should rest, she will not let us have peace for long.”