Its dawn when they reach an upper lever, they are quick to retreat into a windowless room and rest. Mary and Bone Man sit by each other on the opposite wall to Giovanni who sits with his eyes closed remembering the events of just a few hours ago. Flashes of the man he drained of blood remind him more and more of Alexis and while he sits there in silence thinking a single thought keeps nagging at the back of his mind. “How did he know of Alexis.” Its a murmured statement more then anything and Giovanni does not realize that he’s spoken till Mary responds.

“What?” He opens his eyes and looks at the couple. “How did he know of Alexis? Who’s Alexis?”

“A man from my past,” Giovanni doesn’t say more on the topic of his past lover “Did anyone mention Alexis?”

“No,” Bone Man narrows his eyes, catching onto the suspicion “so how did he know?”

“A file?” Mary offers, “surely someone who has been trapped here has read everything he could.”

“Possibly but the file just said I knew Alexis, not that we had been involved in the past. And I doubt it included a picture.” Mary shakes her head with a frown.

“You don’t know everything Giovanni.” Its whispered, meant to keep him from truly hearing her. The vampire smiles and rests his head against the wall again.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you all the money I have on me if you go find my file and prove me wrong.” She rises silently and takes him up on that offer, leaving the two men alone in silence with their thoughts. Bone Man stares at Giovanni a question eagerly wanting to be asked. “What is it?”

“What should I do if you can’t control yourself?” Giovanni opens his eyes and looks at his companion.

“Kill me.” Bone Man nods, a single forceful motion to show he understands. They return to silence as they wait for dusk and for Mary to return.