Agony keeps Giovanni awake for a few hours before it subsides and allows him to rest yet even with the rest the temporary damage to his bronze eyes has not healed forcing Mary to take over driving, and while it is slow going with the nervous woman at the wheel all night it is better then no progress at all. Giovanni stays awake with her all night with his eyes closed and head resting. His voice is soft and distant so he does not awaken a now sleeping Bone Man, he guides the woman by memory having traveled this way many times before. “Tell me Giovanni,” Mary interrupts his constant droning that keeps both of them awake. “What do you think Eli is?”

“I don’t understand your question.” The pain begins to return but he dares not reach across the sleeping assassin for more painkillers.

“I mean do you think he’s human.” She sounds annoy, which annoys him.

“I don’t know what he is, and for that matter I don’t know what you are.” His voice has its edge but instead of cut and hurt it makes Mary smile.

“I’m just like you, only slightly different and that difference is thanks to Eli.” Giovanni sighs and she stops her talking for a moment “Day will be breaking soon, we should stop to eat.”

“Eat or feed?” The question is absentmindedly spoken, “You have Bone Man and I’ve been trying my best to avoid feeding.”

“I mean eat, he’ll need true food.”

“Fair enough, go through a drive threw, we don’t have time to stop.” Giovanni reaches back and gently touches Bone Man’s legs. “Hey, wake up,” He shakes the leg gently “Mary’s going through a drive threw for you so you better wake up to eat.” Bone Man groans and wakes up as Mary takes an off ramp heading into a small town with a few fast food choices. They the closest one and switch seats while Bone Man orders and eats, with that done they return to driving, the mountains slowly drawing closer as the country zips past.

Sleep quickly claims Giovanni this time, and he sleeps through the whole day and late into the night as Mary takes over driving. He awakens with a start though, startling every one within the car. “Turn around! We missed the turn off.”

“What is going on?” Bone Man shouts just as loud as Giovanni had.

“We missed the turn off, turn around.” Mary is quick to obey and moves to turn onto the other side of the road.

“No, just turn around now, we need to be on this side.”


“Just do it woman!” She obey and drives down the road, fearful of police and on coming cars that are nowhere to be seen. “There, do you see it? The dirt road?”

“You mean that weird field access thing?” She slows as she nears it, it does not look like much of a road.

“Yes, turn there.” She hesitates but obeys turning onto the road, its slow going and Giovanni is forced to hide under a coat as he continues giving directions up the road and further into the foothills of the mountains. “Stop, we need to stop here for today.”

“Why?” Mary asks, peering around.

“I am tired and tomorrow we climb to the ruins.” There is silence as Giovanni gets comfortable, the mountain hides them from the sun and the trio rests till they can climb to the ruins hidden somewhere above them.