Passenger: Naomi

  • Age: early twenties
  • Looks:
    • Eyes: Sky blue
    • Hair: Brown, thick, shoulder length
    • Skin: pale but grimy
    • Height: Average
    • Build: athletic
    • Misc: delicate features, slender fingers, calloused hands, strong arms
  • Personality: soft spoken, has an explosive rage within her, patient, untrusting
  • Misc:
    • Archer and runner
    • determined to help herself at all costs
    • was being hunted in other lands, fled by boat
    • godless, yet a god speaks to her

Deity: Solara

  • A divine being set to reside on the ever burning fires scattered through the land. She is not one to make a deal with as she is known for not holding up her end of the bargain and being a trickster. Yet she loves her people dearly, choosing to leave the stars and join them in their desolate land after a dragon ripped apart the kingdom. She will see her people returned to their rightful places as god-kings once again.

Chief: Anu-yan (“Father”)

  • Age: Unknown
    • Looks:
    • Eyes:
      • Left: milky yellow-orange
      • Right: orange with gold flecks
    • Hair: white, long, styled to cover his left eye
    • Height: Tall, easily towering over Naomi and most of his own people
    • Build: athletic, body builder-esque
    • Misc: scar through left eye brow, left eye, and down left check stopping at jaw
  • Personality: Defensive, strong willed, loyal, commanding, reserved, mostly diplomatic
  • Misc:
    • Lost left eye to former rival for the chief title
    • Protective of his people, all his people
    • Wants to see the land restored

Daughter Lo-yan

  • Age: unknown
  • Looks:
    • Eyes: dark blue
    • Hair: long, white, kept in solitary braid
    • Height: Average (still taller then Naomi)
    • Build: Thin but athletic
    • Misc: snake bite piercings
  • Personality: Strong willed, angry, acts out towards her father
  • Misc:
    • Omen reader for the clan
    • Madly in love with non-clan male (Uran-mal)
      • Is with child

Usurper Uran-mal

  • Age: unknown
  • Looks:
    • Eyes: forest green
    • Hair: white, long, one braid tucked behind left ear, rest in ponytail
    • Height: Tall (shorter then Anu-yan)
    • Build: athletic, define but not overly large
    • Misc: rings of scars around upper left and right arms, one jagged long scar down breast bone
  • Personality: Defensive, loving, protective, fighter, long temper
  • Misc:
    • Lost clan long ago
    • Loves and will do anything for Lo-yan
      • secretly married her months before she became pregnant
    • Wants whats best for the clan

Dragon Deldra The Eternal Blackness

  • age: unknown
  • Looks:
    • covered in black scales this creature haunts the Ashen Lands, it is unknown if he is alive or dead nor is it known where he rests. It is assumed he dwells in the interconnected mines far below the surface but it is also rumored to reside in the half destroyed capital where hordes of gold and gems were stored.