The barren wasteland beside the see where plants do not grow and life does not thrive used to be a lush and prosperous kingdom; but greed brought the calamity to them. Wars were fought, diseases ravaged the people, and then the dragon came. It spared no one as it rained fire and hell down on the weakened people, unable to escape and unable to defend themselves most have been lost to the all consuming flames that continue to plague the land and ravage any life that could grow. The people of this land were once considered to be beautiful, in their own way- they are tall, with skin like moon light and long hair like freshly fallen snow. Akin in looks and knowledge to the elven races of old these people also had an intense greed that drove them to mine deeper, expand faster, and fight amongst themselves, leading to the eventual end of their kingdom which they now struggle to rebuild while being looked down upon and cast out of other kingdoms that they once ruled. This land was once called Dita but now it is just called the Ashen Land, her people once mighty kings now nothing more then the Ashen Ones, forced to survive in a land so desolate and destroyed it is a miracle anyone survived its creation.