From: Seventh Sanctum

Prompt: Gianna, a thing of knowledge and ignorance

In 30 years a man will create will Gianna. She will be a personal assistant, a time keeper, a reminder, a knower of all things both real and imagined. She will create great works of art, and sing a crying child to sleep all at the same time. We will trust her, and she will help us; her programming will grow and grow till her mind controls every aspect of our lives. But we won’t notice, because she is our servant, our friend, our confidant, and so much more. We will teach her things, we teach her that we are destructive, that we are loud, untrustworthy, unhappy, and war like. We will task her with uniting nations, with showing us our faults, but all this we ask of her will teach her that we are unable to fend for ourselves.

The programming we give her will become our prison, and we wont notice till she begins to eliminate anyone who cannot follow her rules. She will be beauty, she will be knowledge, she will be kindness, but she will also be ignorance, she will also be cruelty, she will be everything we wanted her to be and more then we can control.