Generations ago the Marakeen lost their home, they have wandered the lands with no purpose as civilizations have risen and fallen. These raiders follow no king nor his laws; they walk to the beat of an ancient drum following a leader till he or she is no longer capable of commanding. They steal what they need, fight when they need to, but take part in no war that is not their own. They have no allies nor do they have any enemies, they exist and live between nations, between laws, and seemingly between worlds. Their calling card is recognized universally as one of danger, the gold colored, upside down triangle has symbolized them during peace and war, but since they follow no written laws it is often difficult to tell if they are in peace or at war. The Marakeen are known for taking in young children and women, and they often take in young men but everyone is expected to adhere to their social and moral code, as well as worship who they worship (which changes with each new leader).