Reader warning: blood, guts, gore, violence, feeding, romance, death, and threats

The days pass by slowly, Lily keeps bringing small bundles of money from relatives, friends, and neighbors slowly decreasing the amount owed by her father while Giovanni and Alexis reconnected and rekindled the love that once burned brightly between them. York remained quietly aside as he waited for more members of the Order to come, and come they did. Lily counts the bills out slowly, doubling checking everything before nodding and taps them even and sliding them into an envelope; a knock on the door startles her and she goes to it, peering out the side glass window cautiously before opening the door. “Hey York, how can I help you?”

“Lily, these men are here to save your father.” He motions to them. “I’d like you to take them to Alexis’ home with you.”

“But I’ve got enough money, he won’t need to be-”

“Alexis Harding needs to be punished little girl.” One snaps, Lily just nods mutely.

“Oh, ok. I guess you can just follow me, I prefer to walk there.” She goes back in the house and grabs her purse, keys, and the money before stepping out and locking the door behind her. They follow at an uncomfortable distance as she walks, soon she is knocking the on the door and they are hiding in the bushes so as not to be seen. Giovanni opens the door and yawns. “Hey, I have Alexis’ money.” She speaks softly, Giovanni’s gaze flickers from her to the space behind her, but finally he pushes the door wider and lets her in, slamming it before whatever is bothering him can enter.

“He’s in the kitchen, let him know I’ll be there in a moment.” Lily nods and follows the sound of dishes clattering to the kitchen while Giovanni goes upstairs and changes into something sturdy quickly. He tromps down the stairs just in time for Alexis to smile and open the door for Lily, asking her to wait outside.

Time moves slowly, the door opens, his smile falters as he sees the men on his porch. There is no time to ask questions, the men rush the door, shoving it opens and pushing Lily out of their way. One slams into Alexis slamming him against the hardwood flooring, the vampire is quick to defend himself, they grapple as Giovanni vaults the railing, landing mere inches from the attacker. He grabs him and flings him off, slamming him into the wall, the house shudders with the blow; his eyes widen when he recognizes the man then anger sets in. Lance ducks and dodges to the best of his ability but two on one is not a fair fight and soon he feels smooth metal sliding along his skin, it stings then blood rushes to the cut and he gurgles feeling his life slip away as blood flows from him at an alarming rate while also filling his lungs. They shove him aside and turn their attention to Lily who is struggling to get out, screaming in a combination of rage and betrayal Alexis crosses to her, bashing her head against the door frame before sinking his teeth into her neck, sucking at the small punctures till her struggling stops. He drops her with a dull thud and turns, blood dripping down his chin. Giovanni shakes his head with a small smile tugging at his lips; the hunter crosses over to the vampire and licks up the red trail. “There’s another in the house. No doubt going for Edward.” He whispers, Alexis nods. “What do we do?”

“We run.” Alexis whispers, sadly. “We run fast and we keep our heads down, forever.”

“Or we fight.” Giovanni looks up at him, his bronze eyes meet and bore into Alexis’ emerald ones.

“We’ll have to run eventually.” Giovanni smiles and presses a soft kiss to his blood stained lips.

“We’ll need a head start.”

“Indeed.” Alexis smirks, Giovanni leans down and pulls out a small knife. “Well armed.”

“I thought I’d be fighting you, not with you.” Alexis sighs and shakes his head, lifting the kitchen knife.

“Humans are so easily distracted.” Giovanni chuckles and they head up the stairs, all the doors are open except one on the far end of the hall. Alexis steps in front of Giovanni and cautiously walks down his hall. “Edward? Your daughter paid off your debt, you’re a free man.” There is a creek in one of the rooms and Alexis steps in. Giovanni follows, closing the door and locking it, no one is in the room but Alexis goes to the closet, flinging open the door and revealing a terrified Darrel.

“Sir!” He sounds more relieved then anything else.

“Get out of here, go get York. Someone is in here and we’ll need help.” He nods and after arguing with the door scurries down the stairs, they wait to hear the car pull down the driveway before exiting the room themselves. They keep a slow pace, listening intently for noises that do not belong in the house, Alexis walks passed an open door, a shot rings out and he crumples.

“Alexis!” Giovanni is to his side in a moment, before setting his murderous sights on the empty doorway. With total disregard he rushes into the room, taking the slayer in there by surprise as he is reloading. The fight is fast and bloody with Giovanni beating the man to the ground before ripping open his chest with ungodly strength. Edward is nowhere to be found, but after the initial burst of rage has died down he is back with Alexis, holding the man close.

“I-I think this is my end.” He grits out, the pain unimaginable.

“Don’t talk, York will be here soon. He’ll know what to do.” Alexis shakes his head.

“Had to get Darrel out, who would’ve called more Order men?” Giovanni pauses, just now considering the facts.

“That son of a bitch.” He snarls, he doesn’t pull away from Alexis, just holds him close as blood slowly drains from the wound.

“We were never meant to be together, Giovanni.” Alexis says at long last, tears sliding from the corners of his eyes “B-But at least I kept you safe this time.” He smiles, Giovanni hushes him and holds him tighter. “I don’t want to go out like this Gio.”

“I know, but I can’t save you.” Giovanni’s voice cracks showing his desperation and fear. Alexis looks up at him, their roles reversed as he gazes into the pools of bronze.

“Giovanni, please,” He tilts his head, he barely has a pulse, Giovanni shuts his eyes tightly, attempting to silence the next words out of the blond’s mouth “I don’t want to die this way. Please. You’ll need your strength for the fight you’ll have.” Giovanni bites his bottom lip hard enough to draw blood before relenting and opening his eyes.

“O-Only because you asked, Alexis.” The blond smiles, looking a bit relieved to hear the words. There is no ceremony as Giovanni’s teeth sink into the soft skin, the blood oozes out slowly and for a moment Giovanni wants to relent and take back the marks. There is no time to reconsider as instinct takes over and he sucks on the wound, the blood fills his mouth, warm and copper tasting. He swallows it greedily, minutes pass by before he pulls away. Alexis’ gaze is unfocused his mind swimming as it struggles to remain awake. “Sleep Alexis,” Giovanni soothes “Sleep. I’ll be here when you wake.” The blond forces a soft chuckle.

“You don’t need to lie to me, Gio” His voice is soft. “Promise me you’ll find happiness.”

“I won’t make that promise, Alexis. I can’t make that promise because I’m holding my happiness as it dies.” The tears flow again and the blond looks up at Giovanni.

“Make them pay… Make them pay for your suffering and mine.”

“I will. I will make them regret the day they came here. I will ruin the Order, for you.” Alexis’ body relaxes and he sighs.

“Now I’ll sleep. I’ll meet you in hell, by dearest Giovanni.” Giovanni shakes his head and presses a soft kiss to Alexis’ forehead.

“No, not hell. I’ll see you at the golden gates.” Alexis barely manages to nod before closing his eyes and sighing out his last breath.

Giovanni holds him for a moment longer before gently setting him down and rising. His anger, pain, and grief mix into one and he scrubs tears off of his cheeks before going to the only closed door. “Edward!” silence “I know you’re in there. Look, I’m going to break the door down, stand back.” He waits a beat before slamming his body weight against it, the old wood gives and he lands on his shoulder, Edward stands off to the side, obviously terrified.

“Giovanni!” He yells, but he does not move as Giovanni rises up.

“Your daughter is downstairs, Edward. Go to her. Sooth her.” Edward nods and hesitantly goes out the door and down the hall, carefully stepping over Alexis. Giovanni follows the man close, lets him get down the stairs, see his daughter’s lifeless body laying face down, lets him feel the pain of loss before stepping into his personal space. “Because of you she’s dead. You fucked up her life and your own.” He snarls, sounding nasty and heartless “But don’t worry. You won’t suffer with that guilt for long.” Edward looks up at Giovanni, confusion evident but short lasting as the knife plunges into his eye followed by neck and chest, blood sprays everywhere and his screams chill the blood though those too, die away in time for Darrel to return with York.

Giovanni rises up and goes to Lance, a quick search of his person allows the hunter to find the ‘lucky’ six shooter Lance never left without. Its loaded, Darrel rushes to the door and Giovanni levels a shot at his skull, killing him instantly and sending blood, bone, and brain spattering on the porch. He goes to the door and sees York, frozen in the driveway. “You fucked up, old man. You fucked up and now I have to clean up this mess.” York raises his hands in surrender.

“I didn’t know.”

“Didn’t know an organization designed to hunt and kill would hunt and kill? You worked for us, too. How stupid are you?” There is no answer to that question, York is smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

“You just couldn’t leave it alone could you, Giovanni. Let your past cloud everything!”

“You let your friend barrow money from Alexis Harding! Anyone would have told you it would end this way, even if it wasn’t me that came! He leaves a trail of blood and bodies behind him wherever he goes!” York nods silently and takes a careful step forward. Giovanni doesn’t give him a warning, doesn’t tell him to stop, he just fires off his shot, aimed perfect to let him bleed out slowly. The raven haired man approaches and stands over the detective. “If you’re lucky you’ll be found soon and live. If you do live just know I will come back, I will torch your life while you lay in a hospital bed and then I’ll come for you.” Giovanni tosses the gun just out of arms reach and searches York, finding his phone and tossing aside followed by his gun. “If you live, when the Order comes to talk to you give them a message from me. Tell them I’m coming, and I won’t stop till they are in ruins.”