The light knock on his door is enough to wake him, he slides from the bed and pulls on his shirt as he pads to the locked door. The lock clicks and he opens it, smiling as Alexis offers him a tray of food. “Why thank you, Alexis.”

“You’re welcome, Gio. Come down when your ready, I’m about to head out for Edward but you know. I got a TV and books.” Giovanni nods and kicks the door shut, he sets the tray down on a small table near the large window. He looks out at the gravel drive way, eyebrows coming together seeing Lily standing outside pleading with his host. As quietly as he can he pushes open the window. “-ease, Alexis!”

“You don’t have enough, Lily. Go home.” He sighs, Darrel appears from the garage, something in his hand.

“I’ll get it! Just please, I can’t loose him!” He grips Alexis’ shirt and sobs softly.

“Look…” Alexis shoots a glance at Giovanni in the window and sighs. “Fine, two weeks and Edward stays here.”

“How can I trust you?”

“You just have to, pumpkin, cause this is the only deal you’ll get.” She nods and steps aside as Darrel steps closer and Alexis whispers to him. With a curt nod he gets in the car and pulls out the driveway heading into town. “When he gets here, you can go.” She nods and follows him, heading inside. Giovanni discards his breakfast and goes down the stairs, Lily blinks at him, dumbfounded.

“What are you doing here?”

“Visiting an old friend.” Giovanni verbally shrugs.

“That explains why you were no help.” Lily grumbles.

“Excuse me? He spared you.”

“He was going to take my dad!”

“So? My job was to save you, not pay off your father’s debt.” Lily huffs, knowing he’s right. Half an hour goes by before Darrel returns with Edward in hand.

“Lily!” He calls, she turns and smiles.


“What’s going on?” He demands, very confused.

“Lily here is going to bail you out. And if she doesn’t well… I’ll kill you both.” Edward stares, shocked while Alexis laughs. The man’s eyes drift to Giovanni and the confusion turns to anger.

“You sold me out.”

“I saved your kid.” Again Giovanni verbally shrugs.

“Darrel, take Ed up to the guest room, Lily your daddy owes me $15,458, taking out what we took from him a few nights ago.” Alexis nods more to himself. “Alright, off you go.” He pushes her out of the door and closes it.

“She loves him.” Giovanni says after a long while.

“She does.” Alexis agrees, Giovanni sighs and pulls out his wallet, pulling out a few bills and handing them to his host. “What’s this for?”

“Just helping a girl out.” Alexis nods and counts out the cash

“$15, 225, you’re too kind Giovanni.”

“Yeah, I know.” He sighs and goes to the stairs.

“Where are you going?”

“To eat, I left breakfast up there.” Alexis chuckles and lets him go and eat in peace.

Lily rushes into town, going to the bank account and closing her account then going to the store and emptying the vault, she quickly counts out the money and scowls, its total is only $2130. No where near enough for her father’s life. She returns home and gathers everything of value and taking it to the pawn shop, she takes what is give and smiles now having a little over four thousand dollars. The next step is visiting York, the detective reluctantly hands over a couple hundred dollars and she returns to Alexis, handing over the stacks of cash. “That’s $4, 780.” Alexis whistles.

“Impressive. Only $10,445.” Lily’s hope crumbles a bit with the number, still too large to reach with ease. “Don’t give up hope, maybe you’ll be able to get it.”

“How long do I have?” She asks as her hope crumbles.

“A week.” Her jaw drops some.

“What! Dad couldn’t raise that in 2! How am I gonna get that in a week!” Alexis shrugs and closes the door, Giovanni sighs from the stairs.

“You’re so cruel sometimes, Alexis.” The blond looks over his shoulder and smirks, a familiar knot begins to tighten within Giovanni.

“Only a little.” They share a soft laugh before another knock interrupts them. Alexis flings open the door, expecting to see Lily. Instead there is Darrel. “Oh, Darrel. Did you need something?”

“No sir, you just had the door locked.” The man pushes his way inside and heads toward the kitchen, but he stops with a sigh, going for his wallet. “Sorry, boss. She grew on me.” Alexis nods in understanding and accepts the large bills.

“Only an even ten thousand, now. Darrel you are too kind, I think you’ve spent too much time with our resident vampire hunter.” Giovanni giggles softly and Darrel sighs.

“Don’t call me kind. I’m just a man and she’ll be hot when she’s older.” Alexis smirks and shakes his head. Its clear he won’t question his employee’s motives for the donation and Darrel leaves. Alexis pushes the door shut and unlocks it, Giovanni climbs down the stairs.


“So.” Alexis eyes him.

“What now?”

“Well…” Alexis grabs his hand and pulls him down the stairs. “You could stay. At least till the case is done.”

“Alexis, I don’t… We can’t do this again. You left me a broken shell when you walked out that door.” Giovanni doesn’t pull away, Alexis doesn’t release him.

“I know, I know and I’m so, so sorry. It killed me to leave you there. But at the time, I couldn’t keep you safe, it was better to push you to the Order rather then loose you to them.” Giovanni bites his bottom lip and sighs.

“Till the case is over, then we’re done.” Alexis grins and presses a soft kiss to the raven haired man’s forehead.

“I’ll send Darrel to get your stuff.”