He strides passed her but she is close on his heals. “What does he owe? I’ll get the money!”

“He’s out of time, Miss Pickett.” Alexis whips around, slamming his hand on the door frame startling her. “Now get out of my house.”

“I refuse.” She crosses her arms and attempts to look defiant, its almost convincing except for the trembling in her shoulders.

“You are playing a dangerous game, Lily.” Its a cold snarl that makes her shiver “I’ve been very good, all things considered, and I’m not about to ruin it on the whim of anger. Now leave or I’ll call the cops.” Her face pales some.

“I can’t loose my dad, Alexis. Don’t take him from me, please.” She manages as she allows him to push her out the front door and slam it.

“Then maybe I’ll be a bit bad and take you both.” He sighs, annoyed with the Pickett family. “Antony, call York and tell him Giovanni’s location.”

“Yes sir. Where are you going sir?”

“To bed, this has been exhausting.” Antony nods and watches Alexis ascend the stairs, he pauses half way up. “Call Giovanni too, invite him here for dinner.” The anger bubbles and Antony does not reply and instead begins dialing the detective’s phone number, passing on the information in a very curt way and hanging up before he can be thanked. For several minutes he stairs at the phone, then taking a deep breath dials the motel, asks for Giovanni’s room and waits. After several rings he answers, voice rough.


“Giovanni, Alexis wants to have dinner with you here.” There is silence, he double checks his phone screen to make sure he didn’t hang up.

“Ok, be there around midnight.” Antony snorts as he hangs up.

“That’s more like breakfast…” He trails off and sighs, he pads up the stairs and down to Alexis room, knocking lightly before cracking the door open some. “He’ll be here at midnight.” Silence greets him, he assumes his employer is sleeping and closes the door again.

Hours pass and as midnight rolled around Giovanni appeared outside the grand, old house in his best clothing holding a bottle of wine. He shifts from foot to foot for a moment before knocking, the door flies open and he’s greeted by a smiling Antony. “Come in, Alexis is in the kitchen.”

“Uh, thank you.” Giovanni pushes passed him with the wine in hand, heading to the back kitchen which he finds, empty, devoid of any evidence of Alexis. He turns in time to brace against Antony, they struggle for a moment, grappling loudly and slamming against walls before Giovanni breaks free enough to swing the bottle of wine, shattering it against Antony’s jaw, drawing curse and blood from the man. They part for a moment, Giovanni is acutely aware of hurried footsteps rushing from an upstairs room, but has little to focus on it as the injured man comes after him again, slamming his head against the door frame before hitting him repeatedly. Daze Giovanni barely manages to shove him away into Alexis, waiting for his moment to step in and taking this time to act.

“Antony.” His voice is cold, dangerous the man in his arms looses all color in his face. There is no chance for more words as Giovanni comes to his senses and lunges for the both of them, his teeth ripping into Antony’s flesh with ease sending blood gushing everywhere as he rips him apart. Alexis is stunned and quick to step in, dropping the gurgling body and grabbing a hold of Giovanni’s wrists, pushing him to the wall and pinning him there as the blood lust flows threw his veins. “Gio? Giovanni, you need to calm down.” He struggles in Alexis’ firm grasp “Do you remember Paris?” The struggles slow, “How about London? Or our cruise?”

“I…I remember them.” Giovanni manages as he calms down, the rage ebbs and the tears begin to flow “I remember them, I remember the Paris lights, the London air thick with smog, I remember all of it.” Alexis releases his wrists, but the second he’s free Giovanni’s arms are wrapped around him and pulling him close as he sniffles softly. “I remember the beating sun and the pouring rain…” He continues. Alexis holds him and lets him cry even as blood seeps into the flooring and rug.

“Do you remember the winter ball? In my county estate?” The nod against his chest is the only confirmation he needs. Alexis smiles and begins to hum while gently rocking with Giovanni, slowly it turns into a form of a waltz though Giovanni refuses to release Alexis. Finally he pulls away, and looks up at Alexis.

“You wrecked me…” He sighs, fighting off more sadness “You ruined me for everyone else.” Alexis smiles at this and earns himself a light smack on the chest. “Don’t even say it.”

“Alright, I won’t but you know what I’d say so its fine with me either way.” They share a light but slightly forced laugh.

“What about?” Giovanni motions vaguely at the corps on the floor. Alexis looks at what was once Antony and shrugs.

“Bury it I guess.” With shrugs they dragged the body outside and began to dig a hole. “What will the Order think of this, you snapping and suffering blood lust.”

“I don’t intend to tell them.” Alexis nods and straightens up. “Is that deep enough?”

“Its as deep as I’m going to dig.” Giovanni rolls his eyes and shakes his head as Alexis pushes the body back in. Burying it doesn’t take as long as digging does and soon they are back inside cleaning up the blood and burning the rug.

“This looks so bad, Alexis.”

“I know, but whatever. The cops in this town can’t touch me and you said you aren’t going to tell the order so I have no real issues.” They share another laugh and put away the cleaning supplies, with that done they sit in the front room relaxing.

“Its too late to go back to the motel.” Alexis notes, and Giovanni nods. “Stay here?”

“Is that a request for more then sleep?”

“Its whatever you want it to be, Gio.” He thinks on it for a moment before rising up and going to the stairs, followed by Alexis.