York speeds through town, reaching the Pickett house moments before they leave, he blocks them in the drive way. “Ed! Get back in the house, you can’t be out here. You too Lily.”

“Brett? What’s going on?” Edward’s voice is amused but concern can still be heard.

“Giovanni’s deal, Alexis released Lily but he’s coming for you. Inside the both of you now!” He pushes them into the house before locking the door and drawing the curtains. “I’ll do what I can but I can’t promise anything.”

“What are you talking about Brett?” Edward pulls a frightened Lily close.

“I contacted the Order, Giovanni was never supposed to be here, and now he’s traded your life for Lily’s. The Order is sending help but it’ll take them time to get here.”

“The Order?” Lily asks, York glances over his shoulder at her.

“Vampire hunters. Giovanni and I were partners once, long ago but apparently that means nothing to him in the face of the beast that turned him.”

“What? Vampires?” Lily pushes away from her father, fear evident “And, and they’re coming after my dad?”

“No, no. Just Alexis. Maybe Antony. But just them. I hope.” The last part is off putting. “Just stay inside, I’ll keep you both safe. If I must the Order will cover for me.”

Greenfield’s criminal underground is abuzz with the odd request from Alexis, people are searching high and low for the mysterious Giovanni in hopes of gaining his favor; while the town lost its mind Giovanni lay in the center of a queen sized bed arm covering his eyes as he focused on his breathing. A knock rings in the room “Go away!” Silence greets him, followed by another knock “Leave me alone!” More silence followed by more knock, with a groan he slides from bed and goes to the door, opening it slowly revealing Antony. “What the hell do you want.” Its not a question.

“Let me in.” Giovanni laughs.

“Hell no.” He goes to close the door, Antony slams his hand against the door and shoves hard pushing it open and slamming it against the wall.

“Let. Me. In.” He demands, Giovanni stares at him, cool and collected.

“No.” The rage builds in Antony’s features and the smile on Giovanni’s face doesn’t help.

“This isn’t your house.”

“No but this is my personal space and you are very annoying. Go play with Alexis.” Again Giovanni closes the door but this time Antony lets him. He stands in front of it for a moment, fuming before realizing that knowing this location was his way back into the graces of his employer. With a smile he pulls out his phone and speed dials Alexis.

“Hello sir, its-”

“Antony, I know. What is it?” He sounds annoyed.

“I’m standing in front of Giovanni’s motel room, sir.” There is silence.

“Text me where you are.” The line goes dead and Antony happily types out the address and room number. In thirty minutes Alexis appears, parking his car in the parking lot below and taking the stairs two at a time to reach the door. “He’s-”

“I know where he is. Go wait in the car.” Antony blinks stunned.

“But I’d like-”

“We will talk when I’m done here.” He nods and obeys as Alexis knocks on the door softly, a muffled, annoyed sigh comes from the other side.

“Go away! I don’t feel like playing your games anymore!”

“Giovanni? Its me.” There is silence followed by locks opening and the door cracking just a bit.

“I hate him…” He sighs and widens the door. “What?”

“I… uh… York said you left this morning. I put the word out that I wanted you found.” Alexis supplies quickly.

“Why?” He leans against the door frame.

“He said you left the b’n’b in tears, I just wanted to let you know that I released Lily. I’ll take Edward tomorrow.” Giovanni nods.

“Then we’re done here.” He steps back into the room and Alexis lets the door close in his face before sighing and turning, descending down the steps slowly. He gets in the car and closes his eyes.

“Not a word Antony. Just… Take me home.” The car pulls out of the lot without issue and begins the short trip home. When they pull up the driveway Antony breaks suddenly and startles Alexis. “What’s your problem?” He snaps.

“Sir,” Antony points to the porch where Lily Pickett sits, knees pulled up to her chest and head resting on them.

“The hell…” Alexis slides from the car and crosses over to her. “What do you want?”

“You can’t kill my dad.” She whispers, Alexis arches an eyebrow.

“He owes, you’re free, and someone’s going to pay.” She stands up slowly and pulls out her purse.

“You can have what I got. I don’t know what he owes but I hope this covers it.” Alexis takes the cash and thumbs threw it, counting quickly before laughing and handing it back.

“Not even close, little girl. Go play with your daddy, I’m coming for him tomorrow.”