The car ride home was indeed long and lonely, his house was dark outside of the solitary light on in the living room. With a sigh he slides from his seat, but instead of dismissing Darrel to his apartment above he garage he just goes inside, making his way to his guest room containing Lily. He knocks softly and waits. He can hear the old bed creaking and then the door opens. “Alexis?”

“Lily, prepare to go home. Giovanni and I have reached an agreement.” She rubs sleep from her eyes.

“Who’s Giovanni?” He waves his hand dismissively.

“Get ready, you will be going home tomorrow.” She yawns and glares.

“I see, thank you Alexis. Good night.” He opens his mouth to say more but she closes the door in his face. Slightly annoyed, he sighs and goes to his bed, laying down in the darkness while Darrel leans against his car outside, dozing on and off till he finally retires for the night.

The night is long for everyone. The town barely sleeps, rumors, drugs, and something more swirls in the small town, but once the sun rises it returns to the appearance of normal with smiling faces and kind words to visitors. Dawn is breaking when a black car slams on its brakes and Lily steps out in her shorts and tank top, she rushes into her house and locks the door. Edward exits his room in a panic, his chest tightens seeing her and he runs to her, wrapping his arms around her. “Lily! You’re back! Thank God.”

“Daddy,” she hugs him tight “Alexis said he and Giovanni reached an agreement? Who is Giovanni, and what did they agree to?”

“Giovanni is Brett’s friend, as to the agreement, I’m not sure. Let me call Brett.” They part and he hastily dials his friend, the phone rings once, twice and then an unknown woman answers.

“Hello?” Edward blinks, before clearing his throat.

“Um, hi. This is Ed, I’m looking for Brett?”

“Oh, he’s sleeping.”

“Wake him up.” She hums and before sighing.

“Fine, who is this again?”

“Edward. Edward Pickett.” He can hear muffled voices before York’s gruff voice rings in his ear.

“What, Ed?”

“Lily’s back!” He can hear York sigh.

“Great news, how did you do it?”

“Me? Alexis told Lily that Giovanni made a deal.” There’s silence for a moment.

“Edward, I want you to spend today with Lily. She deserves it.” Edward’s eyebrows come together in confusion.

“Oh, uh. Ok. Yeah, that sounds nice. Do I need to meet with Giovanni?”

“No, I’ll…I’ll go talk to him.” The line goes dead and Edward pockets his phone.


“Yeah sweetie?”

“Is something wrong?”

“No, come on. Go get a shower and get dressed. I think today will be just for us.” She smiles and skips off to her bathroom to get ready for the day.

York hung up and groaned, sliding from the over sized plush bed he found himself in. He sighs as he pulls his clothing back on and quickly pads to the front door where he finds his shoes. “Where you going baby?”


“You never stay the night…” She trails off, he looks up at the red head.

“I stayed tonight, but now I need to go. I’ll swing by with dinner, ok?”

“Dinner and dessert.” He chuckles and quickly presses a kiss to her forehead.

“Whatever you want babe, text me your order and I’ll get everything squared away.” She giggles and waves as he closes the door and rushes to his car. The drive to the bed-and-breakfast is short, his lady lives close enough to it, but when he walks in he is greeted by Mrs. Lucas.

“Hello ma’am, just came by to see Giovanni.”

“He isn’t here. He left last night, checked out, said he was having issues.” York’s eyebrows come together.

“Any idea where he went?” She shrugs.

“Well, I do know that when he checked out he was in tears. Perhaps his issues sent him to a hospital?”

“Tears?” The woman nods and York turns, walking to the front door. “Thank you ma’am you’ve been helpful.” She smiles as he leave, going into his car and sitting a moment, mind going over everything he knows about Giovanni, nothing really stands out. He’s like many that joined the order during the industrial revolution, tempted by sin, alone, scared, trapped in a blood lust haze. His eyes widen and speeds off, heading to the richest man in town.