Reader Warning: vampire feeding, drinking, past gay relationship (if that’s not your thing, well too bad cause that’s how these two are)

His bed is welcoming, he quickly strips and flops down with a happy sigh, slowly crawling under the blankets and willing himself to sleep. A sleep that is short lived, as he tosses and turns he hears his door and shut, the floor creaks and then the bedside lamp clicks on. “Wake up, Giovanni.” The voice is semi-familiar, his eyes flutter open and he’s greeted with the same man as last night.

“What do you want? Does Alexis know your playing this game?” the man frowns and sits in the arm chair beside the small window.

“I want you to leave. There’s no saving Miss Pickett, and Alexis’ heart aches with you here.” Giovanni sighs and rolls over.

“Get out, I never invited you in.”

“No but the nice woman you’re renting from did.” Giovanni groaned hearing the smirk in the man’s damnable voice.

“I really hate everyone today.” Giovanni sighs and sits up, he looks over at the door, it is indeed closed. “Look, I have no time to deal with you. Get out or you won’t be leaving at all.” The man blinks, stunned, unsure if he can believe the angry man on the bed. Giovanni stares him down and slowly Antony gets up and crosses the room. “Don’t come bothering me here, the next time will be the last.”

“Empty threats-”

“I don’t threaten. I do. That was a warning. Now get out.” Antony backs out of the room and closes the door, leaving as quickly as he can, but only after finding and apologizing to Mrs. Lucas for bothering her and her guests.

The hours pass slowly for Giovanni as he goes between rest and wakefulness with the setting of the sun though he rises. He pads down to the shared bathroom and jumps in the shower, enjoying the warm water washing away a few days worth of grime and sweat before redressing and heading out across the river where the criminals and the average mix and mingle in some of the best bars in the area. He has no problem getting into the bars, and even less trouble finding drunk women willing to throw themselves at him. He dances, drinks, and flirts without issue, but as the night wears on the unholy desire within him, the blood lust, begins to rise. As the desire grows so too does his fear, he makes his way to a back alley where he can be alone, can regain his composure but life is not fair.

He leans against the dirty back wall of the bar and sighs, his mind already growing clear but before he can calm his needs one of the many women he had been dancing with stumbles out the back door and over to him. Falling against his chest and giggling. “A-Are you, you ok?” She manages to slur, Giovanni can feel his resolve growing thin. “Y-You don’t look too good.”

“I’ll be fine just, just go back inside miss.” She whines as he pushes her away.

“Don’t be like that, baby.” Her arms wrap around his neck “I know what you need.” She whispers in his ear, his resolve snaps but his self control remains, just barely.

“I don’t think you do.” He attempts to free himself of her.

“Oh but I do… Its what Alexis needs too. Its ok.” She tilts her head, her neck is slender and pale. “I’m already turned.” His control snaps with those words, she’s someone else’s problem, not his. With a haggard moan he hold her close and sinks his teeth into her. Immediately blood wells up and he sucks at the wound, drawing as much as he can into his mouth; she moans softly feeling the blood leave her body but before long she presses against him and weakly pushes away, he lets her leave his grasp. She giggles and presses a hand to the wounds. “Naughty… Almost drained me dry.” She manages as she stumbles back into the bar.

Giovanni wipes his mouth and scowls at the blood on his hand. He rests his head against the wall and closes his eyes, the door opens and shuts, foot steps draw close to him followed by a meaty, sweaty hand touching his arm. “The hell?” He opens his eyes and pulls away. “I know you… Where do I know you from?”

“I’m Darrel, Alexis wanted me to keep an eye on you.”

“Well you can tell your master I’m fine.” Darrel nods and turns to leave “Oh and ask him to meet me here. I have a deal to make with him.” He was alone for mere moments before Alexis walked out of the back door. “You’re pretty fast.”

“What deal did you have?”

“Release Lily.”

“In exchange for what?”

“Edward’s life. Turn him if you like.”

“What’s wrong Gio? I thought you came here to play.” Alexis leans against the wall with the raven haired man. “Don’t tell me one little feeding is enough to drive you away.”

“How did you… You know what, never mind. And its not. I don’t want to be here anymore.”

“I see, old feelings flaring up.”

“No… Yes… I don’t know.” He sighs and closes his eyes tightly “I came here to punish you, but…I’m not as upset by what you did to me as I thought I was.”

“What I did to you?” Alexis’ eyebrows raise some, Giovanni looks over at him “What did I do to you?”

“You stole me from my wife, you made me a sinner, you changed me, then you left me.” Alexis nods, recalling it nearly the same way as Giovanni said it.

“You weren’t happy with her. And what we did wasn’t a sin.” The raven haired man laughed and looked at him, sighing softly.

“So you keep telling, Alexis.” Giovanni shoves off the wall and walks passed the blond.

“Its not.” Alexis reaffirms grabbing his arm “What we did, we did out of love. And if some god is going to cast us into hell for it then I’ll apologize to you. But I regret nothing.” Whether it was the blood lust wearing off, the alcohol, or Alexis’ words Giovanni couldn’t say, but he jerked away and reentered the bar, pushing through people as hot tears welled up and slid down his pale cheeks. He managed to reach the front of the bar and escape the crowd, finding a dark park bench to sit at as he collected himself.

Alexis watches from the shadows, his heart aches watching one of his first lovers crying alone in the dark. He hesitates for a moment, before sighing and resigning himself to a long car ride home, opting to leave Giovanni alone for a few days.