Giovanni is not alone for long, just as the hand on his clock marked 10:30 loud knocks echoed in the room. Hesitantly he rises up and goes to the door, opening it just enough to peer out at an unfamiliar man. “Yes?”


“That’s right.” The man’s hand slams against the door and forces it open before Giovanni can react, but the man does not cross the threshold. “What the hell? What do you want?”

“I want you to leave. You’re causing Alexis undo hardship.” Giovanni blinked then smiled.

“You his newest pet? Or personal assistant?”

“I am his personal assistant and driver. Have been for years.” The raven haired man nodded and looked the unknown male up and down.

“Let me guess, he promised you life times of happiness then turned you into a creature just like himself.”

“Wrong. I came to him after someone else gave me my endless life.”

“Your life isn’t endless, now leave this place before I prove my point.” Understanding dawned on the man outside the door and he left mumbling to himself. Giovanni watched him leave through the small window before turning off the light and slipping his shoes on; he kept his shoulders hunched as he wandered the streets, eyes darting around, taking in everything and everyone around him. He reaches the river and crosses the bridge, making his way back toward Rose’s then wandering around till he stumbled upon North Broadmoore Drive, with an idle shrug he wandered it till finding the massive house where Alexis lived, the gate at the end of the drive was open, the car sat in the drive way, so with another shrug he walked up the paved driveway to the front door. He knocked and Alexis answered, eyebrows rising in surprise.

“Gio? What are you doing here?”

“I…don’t know. I started walking and ended up here.” Alexis nodded and looked over his shoulder, Giovanni turned and saw the man from his room. “Oh and he told me to leave.” Alexis laughed and stepped aside.

“I’m not surprised, come in Gio, the night is young. Perhaps we can talk.”

“I’d like-”

“Alexis no! He’s an agent of the Order!” The blond rolls his eyes.

“I know, I was too at one point.”

“Long ago, when we first met.” Giovanni sighed as the memories came back to him. The hot summer’s night, the gentle music, his wife screaming at him for whatever reason she picked, the wine glass flying at his head, the glass shattering against Alexis’ back as he stepped between them to talk to Giovanni. He steps passed Alexis and into the house, its quiet and still smells like cake. “Still a baker, Alexis?”

“Yes, but now I just follow the old recipes, no more making my own. They lost their fun.” The remained of the sentence is left unsaid, Giovanni nods, knowing the unsaid. The raven haired man sits on the couch, Alexis joins him shortly after shooing away his personal assistant.

“This is a lovely house, Alexis.”

“Thank you, I built it myself when this was logging wilderness.”

“Wow, I can’t imagine you out here all by yourself.” Giovanni relaxes into the chair and sighs.

“Well I wasn’t alone for long.” Giovanni’s eyes slid to his “not like that, I mean the town filled with people quickly.”

“Right,” Giovanni chuckled and closed his eyes.

“Why are you really here, Giovanni?”

“Checking a lead, and falling asleep.”

“Checking a lead? Oh you mean Lily.”

“Yeah, found your letter, is she here?”

“Yes,” Alexis sighed “But I want my money.”

“Mkay, we’ll get it.” Alexis stares at the man on his couch before laughing.

“How? No one will lend to him.” Giovanni shrugs. “Two weeks, Gio. I will not waver.”

“Got it. Can you drive me back to the b’n’b?” Alexis sighs and stands up, Giovanni’s eyes open and he rises as well.

“I guess I can get Darrel to drive-”

“Come with us, is what I meant. It’s been a while Alexis, we can catch up before playing cat and mouse.” Alexis chuckled softly before finding Darrel, the man drove through the deserted streets slowly while the two talked and laughed in the back seat. Darrel pulls to a stop and Giovanni reaches for the door, only to be stopped by Alexis pulling him into a soft kiss, quickly broken by the raven haired man. “Alexis, what are you doing?”

“I…sorry, I misread the situation.” Giovanni nods slowly and gets out of the car, leaning back down to speak to the man within.

“I’m not here for that, Alexis. Ok? It’s been too long, we’ve moved on.” Alexis nods silently, Giovanni closes the car door, and the car pulls away slowly, before taking the first left turn and vanishing into the night.