“Giovanni?” His voice is a harsh whisper, the buzz of alcohol quickly leaving as the reality sinks in. “What are you… How did you find me?”

“The same way York did.” The raven haired man turns and waves down the bar tender. “Can I have some gin, please?” The man nods and sets a glass down followed by the bottle. “You can leave the bottle, I’ll settle my tab when I leave.”

“Still drinking that.” Alexis laughs, “I hate the taste.”

“I know.” It burns as Giovanni drinks it, but its a burn that brings peace to his mind.

“Why are you here?”

“York wrote me.”

“He has no evidence.”

“Doesn’t matter, I didn’t come here for the Order or for York.” Alexis turns and studies the man sitting with him, the silence is oppressive as Giovanni debates with himself on finishing his train of thought.

“Why did you come then?” the blond presses after a while.

“To see you.” With that Giovanni stands up, tossing more then enough bills on the counter to settle his tab “Go home, Alexis. Dawns approaching.” The blond watches in awe as his guest turns and elegantly strides from the run down bar, closing the door gently behind himself and vanishing into the small town. His emerald eyes slide to the pile of money on the bar, his mind quickly totals it and he nods standing up unsteadily.

“See you tomorrow, Mr. Howard?” The bar keep shouts, Alexis shakes his head.

“I prefer to drink without ghosts haunting me.” The man’s eyebrows come together but he does not question the man as he stumbles out of his bar and into the streets. With ease Alexis locates his phone and summons Darrel back to pick him up. His car pulls to a stop and he crawls inside, sighing and glaring as Darrel opens his mouth to talk, the man opts to remain silent.

The car ride home is quick and silent, the sun is barely peeking over the horizon when he climbs out of bed and trudges toward his front door, it opens for him and he smiles at Antony who just shakes his head. “Fun time, Alexis?”

“Very, till the end.” His assistant arches an eyebrow. “Giovanni came to visit me today.” Antony nods slowly. “Find where he’s staying. I want to know his intentions.”

“They aren’t good, Alexis. He’s a member of the Order, was once in the running to rule the hunters and is known for tearing apart those that defy him or the Order.” Alexis bit his bottom lip, fighting back anger

“I still want to know.” he yawns and stretches before going to his room, pulling the bed curtains closed before struggling to remove his jeans and going to sleep.

The walk to his room was short, thankfully for Giovanni. He climbs into bed and sighs closing his eyes and willing himself to sleep. The sleep is short lived though, after only a few hours three hard knocks wake him, grumbling he goes to the door and opens it. “What?”

“Giovanni, I wanted you to meet-”

“Fuck off.” The door slams shut but he doesn’t get far before York knocks again, this time forcing the door open all the way when Giovanni cracks it.

“I wanted you to meet Edward, his daughter is the one Alexis kidnapped.” The hunter nods mutely and yawns.

“Nice to meet you, do what I can, now get out.” He points to the door.

“I just wanted to tell you-”

“I don’t care, I want to sleep. Now get out before I throw you out.” Both men stop and share looks.

“Oh, uh… Sure. Feel free to stop at my store, its across the river, called Rose’s, after my wife.” Giovanni waves them out and slams the door behind them. “He seems rude.”

“He is, sometimes, but he’s the best I know.” Ed nods and the two men walk out of the b’n’b and climb into York’s car. “He’ll probably swing by closer to closing, he’s a night time sort of guy. You know how it is.”

“Yeah, ok. I’ll be ready for him.”

“Call me if he doesn’t show.” The rest of the ride is quiet and Ed gets out when York pulls to a stop outside his store.

“Thanks again, Brett. This means a lot to me.” the detective smiles and nods to his friend before pulling away and leaving Ed to cross the street and open his business for the day.