Alexis’ black car sped through the streets, he stared out the window going between attention and zoning out as trees, cars, and people bled together and rushed passed. The car slows and turns into the driveway of his massive house, built so long ago it was one time considered a marvel in the county; his driver brakes and before the car is fully stopped the passenger pushes open the door and begins walks to the front door, left unlocked for easy access. The rooms are dark, only lit by multitudes of candles scattered around, the drapes keep the sun and prying eyes out of his personal business. His driver appears behind him shortly, helping him peel off his coat and taking his glasses as he steps away. The stairs are steep and creek with each step the whole house is musty but its a familiar scent to him now, mildew, moisture, perfume, flowers, and occasionally cakes when he felt like baking.

He passes the many doors still he comes to the one he needs, he knocks softly before turning the lock and letting himself in “Well Lily, your father seems to be cooperating now”

“I wouldn’t call a mugging ‘cooperation’ Alexis.” The girl shoots back, glaring at him. The blinds in her room do not move, they block out all light unless the master of the house decides to let it in.

“I would.” He smiles and pats the pocket containing the money. “If he pays what he owes you’ll have no reason to fear.”

“What if he doesn’t?” She crosses her arms, Alexis enters the room, choosing to sit beside her

“Then whatever god there may be help you.” His smile is off putting but not as off putting at the arm now resting on her shoulders, hand hanging limp. She shrugs off his touch and stands up moving toward the door. Alexis laughs and grabs her wrist jerking down next to him before she gets too far. “I must admit, Lily, I would’ve been disappointed if you didn’t try.”

“Let me go.”

“When your father pays.” He tightens his grip making her wince. He notices and releases her, quickly rising and going to the door. “I’ll send Darrel up with food. I pray your father is good to his word,” He looks over his shoulder and smirks “or perhaps it’d be better for me if he’d just skip town.” He closes the door in time to hear a vase smash against it.

“He won’t skip out on me!” Lily sighs and flops back against the love seat. “unlike your family.” she mumbles to herself. Alexis goes to the kitchen and sighs, he’s almost unhappy with the gleaming tile flooring and clean counter tops.

“Darrel, take food up to our guest, please.” He calls out the back door to the man leaning against the black car with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. The large man huffs, puts the cigarette out and heads into the kitchen, grabbing what he needs to make her a small sandwich before shuffling out of his employer’s line of sight. With a firm nod Alexis pulls his long blond hair up into a high pony tail before pulling out a book of recipes and flipping through; it takes longer to find a cake he wants to make then it does to make it, the simple recipe is always good and before long he is waiting for it cool so that he can frost it.

The proud man glares at the cake, then the clock, then the cake; his icy look does nothing to cool the cake, nor does it make time speed up but a man can hope. With a defeated sigh he stands up and goes to the front room, flopping down on the large couch there with a groan. He lay there for hours drifting in and out of sleep and annoyance that the cake was so far away; finally his phone rang and he forced himself to rise up and answer it. “Hello?”

“Is this Alexis Howard?”

“Who is this? How did you get this number?” He glared out the window at the spot his henchman usually stood, blaming the man for something unrelated.

“We’ve had your number since you purchased a phone, Mr. Howard.”

“Ah, the Order then. Well I haven’t done anything wrong.” He goes to hang up.

“I know what you’ve done wrong.” The sentence cut even if he did not know the caller.

“Who is this?”

“You’ll know soon enough.” The line goes dead and he hangs up the device before looking at the cake. With a shrug he cuts a piece and leans against the counter eating it. The voice had been slightly familiar to him, though no face came up in connection to it, with a sigh he set the plate in the sink and looked out the window. Almost night, he smiled and pushed off the counter, heading to his room to change his outfit to something more appropriate.

His slacks slide off his muscular legs, replaced by tight jeans, white collared shirt switched to a tight t-shirt, a pair of sneakers completed the simple look and he was done. He flagged down Darrel and the man drove him into town, dropping before a crowded bar he had no issues navigating before vanishing into the night. Drinks and music egged him on through the night, jumping from one bar to another, each time finding a new lovely lady to entertain for an hour or so before luring them away and feeding on the alcohol rich blood and leaving them stumbling and more confused then before he pulled them aside.

The night was winding down, Alexis sat at the bar sipping a sparkling water and fighting off a pounding headache, he groans seeing someone sit in his peripheral, black hair hiding their face. With a sigh he turns expecting a woman to be looking at him expectantly, instead he sees a lover he left in the past so long ago. “G-Giovanni?”

“Hello Alexis. Nice to see you.” His head spins and he turns away, slamming his face against the bar top, it does little to ease his confusion and the action only worsens his head ache yet he feels as though it was the right coarse of action as it silenced the man sitting beside him.