Rain droplets fall from the leaves as a gentle breeze shakes them, cooling the already warm morning slightly. Ed opens the store, signs for his deliveries, and begins stocking the shelves with new shirts, candies, cards, and tourism booklets; outside people stroll along side the river, coffees in hand with smiles on their faces, a black car rumbles to a stop in front of the small store and Alexis Howard slides from the back seat. His brilliant emerald eyes hidden by dark lens still scan the surrounding area, down the side Brett York watches him, he flashes the detective a stunning smile before entering the small shop. The heat is oppressive outside and the air conditioning inside makes the blond sigh in contentment. “Hello, one moment, please!” Ed shouts from the back room, followed by a loud crash as boxes tumble from their shelves.

“Don’t rush on my account Edward.” Alexis’ voice is melodic and teasing, the back room falls silent for a moment before Ed appears, quickly moving to the counter.

“How may I help you Mr. Howard?” The blond smiles and begins to idly look around the small shop.

“For all the years you’ve been here not once have I come in.” He steps to a small display, elegant fingers gently caressing the small glass figures that never sell. “Its quaint. More your wife’s dream then yours, though. It easy to see her touch in all of this.” Ed swallows hard, York pushes open the door but the chime does not distract Alexis. “I’m sure Darrel gave you a scare last night, I came to apologize. He acted without my permission. Though I will be keeping your first payment.”

“Where is Lily?” York’s gruff voice cuts into Alexis’ train of thought. The blond smiled and turned to the demanding detective.

“Lily? Why that sweet child should be right here in the store. How am I to know where she is?” He glances at a gold watch before stepping to the detective “I suppose if she’s missing your time would be better spent finding her, York, not jumping on my back for visiting a client.” The detective steps aside and allows the odd man to leave, immediately he is in his black car and speeding away.

“Why didn’t you stop him, Brett?” Ed goes to the door to watch the car till it vanishes.

“I have your word against him, I can’t hold him without evidence.” York sighs, “Not that it matters, a friend arrived last night. He’s not the one that was supposed to show but here he is. I’ll give him what I can on Alexis tonight.”

“Why tonight?” Ed looks at his friend.

“Haven’t you noticed? Most of the business in this town is conducted at night now, Ed. Something is changing in Greenfield and I don’t like it.” The door opened and shut, his friend vanished into his near by car and drove toward one of the two bridges that connected the river sides together.

Finding the bed-n-breakfast where his Order brother was staying was next to impossible but finally he found it and the room the man was in. He knocked and the door opened slowly. “You aren’t room service…”

“No Giovanni, I’m not. Now let me in.” The door slammed back shut in York’s face, there was silence then it opened again and the raven haired man allowed him in. “Does this place even have room ser-”

“What do you want, York?” The man cut the question short, unwilling to make small talk at the moment.

“You need to do something about Alexis, he’s out of hand.”

“Then you do something about it.” Giovanni flops back on his bed. “I can’t do anything about him right now and you know that.”

“I can’t do anything either! The Order stripped me of my ability before shipping me off to babysit him and as a cop I can’t do anything without evidence.”

“Then go look for that.” And with that he was dismissed, angrily York stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him and tromping out the old house to his car and speeding out of the small parking lot toward his office.