The time of inaction has passed. For years my reports have gone unchecked, for years you have let the Vampiric lord Alexis do as he pleases with the town of Greenfield, but now I must request you intervene. He is crossing lines previously ignored by the the highest in our order but no more. Do as we have sworn to do, protect this town from this crazed vampire, step in and stop what the elders before us have failed to do.


Brett York

Wind rattles the large windows while a fire snaps and pops in the overly large fire place, a knock can barely be heard in the massive room and the knocker does not await permission to enter before turning the brass knob and pushing the heavy door opened. “Master, a letter from Brother York in Greenfield. It’s marked urgent.” The small boy’s voice barely cuts through the silence, the man at the large oak desk waves him in while his pen scratches against paper. The boy stands on the other side of the desk holding the letter awkwardly awaiting permission to leave, finally the Master looks up and takes the letter, the old wax seal is easily broken and he scans the contents. With a sigh he sets the letter aside.

“You, go fetch the council immediately. This letter is worthy of discussion.” The boy nods and rushes off leaving the Master alone with his thoughts, the wind and the letter.

The letter lay open on the Master’s desk, the Council of Elders stood around him murmuring softly while casting glances at the door, worried an unexpected visitor would appear. “Gentlemen, Brother York is right.” The Master finally spoke, drawing all eyes to him “We must step in where in the past we have failed to do so. We cannot leave this town to suffer under the Vampiric lord Alexis any longer.”

“But who do we send?” One asks, glancing around, “Giovanni will be eager to tear him apart, but Mathew is far more patient.”

“Lance is more skillful.” An other added in, some nodded while others frowned.

“Not Giovanni.” The Master spoke, “We will send Lance. He is skillful, quiet, and without history with the target.” The council members nod and turn, ready to leave when the door opens with a loud bang.

“Master, I heard you found a letter.” The raven haired man saunters in, confident as always.

“Damn that boy.” The man grits out, forcing a smile as the best hunter approaches. “Giovanni, what brings you here?”

“Curiosity. Whose the letter from?” The Master chuckles.

“No one important, besides we’ve already assigned the case to Lance. Be on your way, Giovanni.”

“Who is the letter from?” Giovanni presses, reaching out for the paper work, only for it to be snatched up by the Master.

“Leave my office Giovanni, the matter is settled.” The intruder regards him for a moment before forcing a smile.

“As the Master commands.” He speaks with false respect and gives an exaggerated bow before spinning on his heals and walking out, making his way toward the library where he was sure he would find Lance.

“Fetch Lance, and that damned boy. He must stop telling Giovanni everything that goes on in MY office.” Some of the elders exchange glances and the Master frowns. “Go ahead and say what’s on your mind!”

“By right this is Giovanni’s post.” The Master smiles at the elder that had spoken.

“Then why am I master and not he?”

“He rejected the post.” The same elder spoke. “He rejected it and told your predecessor to shove it.” the few remaining elders chuckled as the Master’s face turned bright red.

“OUT! ALL OF YOU!” his voice carried through the door and the remaining scattered, eager to escape his wraith while Lance calmly entered, tall and confident with sparkling gray eyes and blond hair.

“Yes Master?”

“Here,” He shoves the letter and accompanying file over “Take care of Alexis in Greenfield.” Lance lifted the letter and read it.

“Shouldn’t this go to Giovanni? He’s far more experien-”

“No, just take care of it quickly and quietly.” Lance nods hesitantly before leaving with his letter and heading toward his small dorm room. He walks down endless halls while scanning the letter and flipping threw the file, finally he reaches the thin door that separates his personal belongings from the prying eyes of the Order. He turns the knob and steps in.

“Hello, Lance.” Chills run down his spine. “What do you have there?”

“A letter and file.” Lance offers the paper work to the raven haired man, he smiles and takes it. Reading the letter over before glancing up at the expectant Lance.

“Who is this assigned to?”

“Well, me.” The blond smiled and laughed, Giovanni nodded and stood up.

“I’m taking it.” The raven haired man expected a fight but Lance just nodded and stepped aside indication that he wanted the intruder to leave. With a half shrug that was barely noticeable Giovanni left Lance’s room, the door closed behind him softly and he made his way to his room to pack and leave.