Reader Warning: foul language

Rain pelts the road as Detective Brett York drives to the station, the roads are deserted and lonely, lightning splits the sky followed by rolling thunder. His wipers rush back and forth in an effort to keep the windshield free of water, his knuckles turn white as his grip tightens on the steering wheel. No sane person is out in this weather, so why is the richest man in town out on a pleasant stroll. He drives passed him and the man waves with a pleasant smile. York scowls and pulls into the parking lot, he pulls into the spot reserved for him and rushes inside trying to avoid the rain. He quietly goes to the break room and fills his coffee cup before going to his office. The light on his answering machine flashes, York sighs and sits at his desk before hitting play. “You have one new message. First unheard message.” There is a brief pause before the message plays.

“Brett? It’s Ed. Look I have a problem. Howard- Alexis Howard, I mean- has Lily. Can you come to the store? Please.” Confused he shoots up and goes back to his car, he pauses a moment to look at the road, but the rich man is no where to be seen.

“Shit.” He climbs in his car and drives the short distance to the general store owned by the panicked caller. He parks out front and goes inside, the wind chime on the door alerting Ed to his visitor.


“Save it. What did you do?” York’s gruff voice cuts through the pleasantries.

“I didn’t do anything.” Ed defends, arms crossing over his chest.

“Look, Alexis Howard doesn’t just kidnap pretty girls, he doesn’t just target someone for no reason, and you aren’t easily spooked. So what did you do?” Ed pauses and bites his bottom lip.

“I… I borrowed money from him.”

“You’re a fucking idiot Edward.” York sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I’ll do what I can, you raise the money.” Ed nods quietly watching York leave, running to his car as lightning strikes close by and thunder rolls. He pulls away and for a moment has the mind to go to visit Alexis Howard, but instead he returns to his office, locking the door behind himself so that he can pen his letter to the proper people for this job in peace.