Name: Markus Lee

  • Age: appears to be a young man
  • Looks:
    • Eyes: knowing gray eyes, that speak of a lifetimes worth of suffering and joy
    • Hair: long and black as a moonless night
    • Build: Thin, looks as though the wind would blow him away without issue
    • Height: Tall, could reach the heavens if he wished
  • Personality: peaceful, calm, relaxed, wise, quiet, avoids confrontation with the unreasonable
  • Misc:
    • Has lived lifetimes
    • Was once violent, cruel, and thoughtless
    • Lost everything one night
    • Doomed to wander till he learned his lesson
    • After learning his lesson he chose to stay behind and pass on what he learned
  • Fears: The uneducated, the unreasonable, and the treacherous
  • Role: Educator/savior
  • Motive: To bring peace and save others from his punishment