Some writers choose to horde away their stories in fear of theft, others share openly. I used to horde my writings, too scared of rejection to share them. But then I took a leap of faith and posted it to DeviantArt, to my surprise there was no horrible rejection, no mocking crowd, or harsh words. So for a few years I posted to DeviantArt but soon the silence of neither rejection nor acceptance began to anger me. So taking another leap of faith I came here and I’ve been growing so much faster and enjoying my time here so much more.

But between those times I took a smaller leap, I reached out to a fellow writer and now close friend. I shared with her, let her hear my ideas and read my outlines while she allowed the same. Neither of us stole from the other, neither of us laughed at the other, we read, listened, and understood where the other was coming from. You can’t create in a void. I reached out to her, then another, and another. I brought people around me to here my ideas and help me grow. I could no more steal from them then could from me, we are different writers, we create different worlds and different characters but they give me insight into other people and open my mind to other ideas. Friends are not your enemy, friends and fellow creators are your allies. Use them to grow, help them, help yourself. Hording away your writings, drawings, and videos will never lead to a career, just shattered dreams.