A few years ago I challenged myself to write 12 stories plus a novel for NaNoWriMo in a year, I got through most of them pretty quick but found that by November I could not bring myself to write. The pace of creating, writing, and editing had burned me out. I couldn’t force myself to write anymore and had to take a month off letting my novel sit unedited till the next year to recharge and prepare to start creating again. In this time I didn’t write, draw, sew, or anything really I just relaxed and let my mind recharge. It was the one of the most productive years I’ve had in a while but the content I was putting out was forced and generally not very good. I ended a few stories early, skipped editing on more then one story, and found that I hated more of what I was writing then usual. I burned myself out and had no one to blame but me, most of my friends warned me about burnout, some cautioned me against pushing myself so hard for so long but I didn’t listen. This is what I learned from that mistake.

Creating is best done after you finish editing. This was the hardest part, my stories were starting to bleed together and it was getting hard to remember what character belonged with which story. Never create/outline while writing/editing another story. Its just easier to finish one completely and start a new one.

A lot of content does not mean good content. My stories began to lack in my style, I was cutting to much out and being too vague for them to be enjoyable and so everyone suffered.

No breaks lead to no creation. I found that without breaks to relax and recharge my ideas slowly began to dwindle and nothing was getting done, beware this part as no ideas and nothing happening means you aren’t creating anymore.

Avoid burn out, don’t push yourself so hard that you run out of steam for your passion. Passion is great, burn out from pushing your passion to the limit is horrible.