Reader Warning: contains death/suicide

The days begin to weave together, nothing seems to differentiate them except for the growing hunger and the slowly decreasing amount of food. The greenhouse is becoming barren, no messages appear on the screen, and Wendy sits on the floor near the terminal waiting for the chime or for Jenny’s teal sound wave to return. Nothing changes, she dozes and awakens, the sun rises then sets while the silence and lack of food slowly began to drive her mad. Voices from unseen people call out to her, but she ignores their siren songs till their gentle callings become loud screaming, threatening to drive the rest of her mind from her so that she might listen to the nasty words flowing from the shadowed mouths of her mental aggressors.

Slowly, slowly her ability to deny the voices weakens. Slowly, slowly her hunger eats away at her once sharp mind. Slowly, slowly she rises up. Her suit doesn’t fit as it once had, the air vents out far faster then she remembers, the outer door creeks open slowly, and then she is outside. She is stunned, looking around still hearing the voices begging her to join them. In a daze she begins walking, heading to nowhere in particular, attempting to escape the voices calling for her.

She pushes on till every part of her is screaming for her to stop, hesitantly she does, collapsing just feet from research station five. The voices catch up with her, urging her inside to see her sister, to join her sister, to follow the dark orders to end the hunger and exhaustion. Weakly she pushes herself up and hobbles inside the air lock, the inner door is open, nothing left to pressurize. Wendy enters the desolate, dusty station, once home to her sister, once home to happiness, worry, and confusion. She forces the door to Darbi’s bedroom and finds the emaciated corpse of her last family member. Her sob sounds like nothing outside her suit, tears run down her cheeks and with panicked motions she rips off her helmet calling out for her sister as her life force is ripped from her in agonized gasps and the world turns black.