Her sleep is fitful, plagued by nightmares of her lost sister, so close yet convinced of Wendy’s death. Her ghostly form calling out for Wendy in eternity, searching for someone not yet dead. She wakes with a start and pads to the main terminal to open the message from Command. “Where are you?”

Research station three.” She shoots back, taking a seat.

Wendy, Jarred here, there is a problem. You need to stay inside your research station. We cannot control the security break.”

Is that what you told Darbi too?” The response is unexpected, and the reply takes several minutes to come.

Wendy, Darbi is dead. We buried her.”

Then who was in research station five. Who was in there and why were they under the impression I was dead and buried?” Again several minutes pass before the answer appears.

Wendy, this is the director as Jarred was not cleared to answer such questions, your sister did die in station five, by her own hand. We didn’t know how to tell you, I’m sorry we kept it from you.” That is all they have to say on the matter, Wendy leans back in her chair and sighed.

That’s it? You’re sorry you didn’t tell me? My sister was a days walk away in need of help and you didn’t even tell me she was on this planet!” She hits send and turns off the screen before stripping out of her clothing and getting into the bath. The water washes over her and she sighs. She is truly alone now. Her sister’s body lay rotting a days walk away, Jenny is out of commission, and only command is talking with her. With a sigh she sinks into the water, letting it wash away everything outside of the small room. Closing her eyes she rests her head against the back wall of her tub, letting her mind run wild while she tries to puzzle out her next move.

She redresses after her bath and turns the terminal back on, she ignores the message from command an instead opens the unlisted message. “They knew, they didn’t care. You aren’t returning home. They will push you past the point of desperation. Good bye Wendy.”

What do you mean? Why good bye?” Her message sends but nothing came back. Confused she opens the one from command and reads it.

Wendy, please. We’re trying, we’ll explain everything to you when we bring you back. Command center is monitoring a-” The message ends, she hits reply but an error comes up. Realization dawns on her, and she pulls her knees to her chest.

I won’t do it. You can’t make me.” She speaks out loud to no one in particular. The words don’t seem to affirm anything in her though and she lets out a sigh.