When she wakes the next day Jenny is still under repair, with a sigh Wendy eats what is growing in her greenhouse before checking for messages. Sitting at the terminal she is shocked to find all the messages she had deleted still there with a new message in the chain, she opens it “Don’t delete these.” She gasps and pushes away from the desk, eyes still locked on the terminal screen. Thoroughly unnerved she hits the power button on the terminal screen but it does not shut off, instead another message appears, hesitantly Wendy opens it. “Come find me, Wendy.”

Ok, I have the coordinates.” She sends back, though still unnerved. Before leaving she opts to shower then pulls on her dusty suit, enters the air lock, listens the air vent out, and then the outer door opens. She carefully steps down the stairs and begins the long trek to the coordinates given to her by the security breach.

She hikes all day and as the red sun sets she reaches it. She crests a hill and gapes at what she sees. A research station. Research station five to be exact. She slowly walks up to it, the outer door opens and she steps into the air lock. Air vents in, the inner door opens, and she steps into the uninhabited station. Though no life stirs it is far from empty, furnished almost exactly like her own she goes to the main terminal and finds a message waiting to be sent. “Command, Darbi here. The power’s been out for days, Jenny shut down some time ago, food is running out. Feeling weak, contact is spotty at best. If someone finds this bury me next to Wendy. Good bye command, I held on for as long as I could but I’d rather go out on my terms then starve.” Her world spins, Darbi was here? So close, she was not in the hospital. She sits down on the chair and tries to process the information. Darbi was here, there was no accident, or could they not find her afterward? But she thought Wendy was dead so they had contact at some point.

Wendy sighs and stands up, she looks to the bedroom door, unsure if she really wants to find Darbi after reading the message. Instead she presses send and sits there, waiting for some sort of reply. One comes but not from who she thought would reply. “Hello Wendy. I’m sorry you had to find out this way. With that message sent they will try to contact you. Please return to station three, don’t tell them how you found this place.” Wendy stares at the screen numb to the words, she stands after a long silence and enters the air lock. The air vents out and the outer door opens, she slowly walks back, reaching her station a little bit after dawn. The air lock door opens, air vents in, the inner door opens and she steps out, leaving her suit on the ground. She goes to the terminal and finds a message waiting for her from command. With a sigh she stands up and goes to her bedroom, opting to sleep before seeing what they have to say.