She is not in the bath for as long as she thought she would be, Jenny is still down when she returns to the terminal. For a few minutes Wendy watches the slow loading bar progress before getting up and going into the greenhouse. So many plants have begun to bloom and the room smells like wet soil, she takes a deep breath and sighs. She sits at the potting station and looks out across the desolate landscape, it is a stark sort of beauty full of mysteries and creatures yet to be seen or discovered.

A chime from the other room draws her attention back to Jenny, she quickly goes to the screen and hits confirm on the pop up ntice. For several short minutes she waits, then the reply comes. “Wendy, there is a security breach. We are working to fix it, Jenny has been affected and will be offline for the foreseeable future. Please bare with us. Jared” she sighs and pushes away from the computer. When she first got there she wanted nothing more then Jenny failing so she could be left alone but now that she knows she will be completely alone, aside from written messages, a sadness set in.

She eats some cherry tomatoes for lunch and finds a book to read in the afternoon, the day is starting to drag on and loneliness is starting to set in. With a sigh she closes the book and goes to the air lock. For a second she wonders if it is safe to go out side without Jenny, but with a shrug she pulls on the suit and enters the air lock. The air vents out, the outer door opens, and she exits the station.

Once outside Wendy has no idea what to do, she cannot take notes without Jenny so research is out of the question but that is really the only reason to go outside. With a shrug she checks on the generator then walks to one of the plants she took samples from, the areas she had cut and trimmed away are already recovered, the section of the trunk growing a whole new branch to cover the damage. She touches the new growth softly and marvels at it but the message chime forces her to return to the air lock. The outer door closes, air vents in, and she takes the suit off before going to the terminal and opening the message. “You don’t have a sister Wendy.” she mouths the words to herself before laughing, on a whim she hits reply and begins to type. “Of course I do, you’re just a security breach. They’ll fix you.”

She hits send and waits, it does not take long “Oh am I? Or maybe I’m in another research station monitoring you through Jenny.” Wendy looks at the terminals, uncomfortable with that idea.

I don’t believe you.” She shoots back. This time the reply takes longer.

41.445 N, 80.531 W.” She stares at the coordinates for a minute before hitting reply.

What’s there?”

Come find out.” She bites her bottom lip, her finger hovering over the delete key. With a deep breath she presses it and the messages vanish. Though the second they are gone she frantically writes down the coordinates so she will not forget them, just in case she decides to investigate.