After her nap Wendy returns to the terminal, ready to read the other messages but instead she finds a new message from the unlisted sender but this time it is a video file. Without hesitation she opens the message and before Jenny can interfere she hits play. For a brief second the screen freezes then the message begins, the voice is distorted and unsettling.

She deleted my other messages didn’t she. Not surprising. Be on the look out Wendy, she is not your friend, and they are not coming for you. Beware, keep your eyes open. These people are not your friends.”

The message stops and then the screen freezes again before Jenny deletes the message. “Jenny, the screen froze, what’s going on?”

Nothing you need to worry about, Wendy. Do not panic.”

Are you sure? It’s ok to ask for help.”

I am functioning properly.” Jenny’s voice almost holds annoyance, and yet its monotone calm does not disappear.

Ok, ok, I was just checking.” Wendy looks away from the screen, her knees come up to her chest while she lets her mind wander to the great outdoors. “Hey Jenny,”


Command is on my side right?” Her eyes return to the terminal.

Of coarse, Wendy.”

Ok.” Her eyes drift back outside “Is it advised to go outside?”

Command has not ordered a walk outside, nor can I advise it if what you have observed is truly happening and I cannot recall them.”

Should I message command? Maybe they can run a diagnostic test.”

That would suitable.” The video recorder pulls up and Wendy straightens.

Hello command, I’ve been noticing some oddities with my Jenny AI. She has been having some glitches that she cannot account for.” It sends.

Now we must wait. They will send a confirmation order before starting the diagnostic test.”

So what do we do till then?”

In my last update I was given access to a library of music, would you like to hear a song?” Wendy smiles.

Yeah, something classical, please.” Suddenly the air fills with flutes, violins, cellos, and pianos. The make shift concert lasts for hours, but then the confirmation order appears. Wendy hits confirm and Jenny goes down, with the silence again settling in Wendy draws a bath to wait out the test in warmth and peace.