Wendy does not leave her room even when Jenny calls her for meals and informs her of communications from command and the Director. The days seem to pass slowly till the second dust storm slams into the research station taking out power and communications. In a panic Wendy wakes, the wind howling outside rustles the station and makes the emergency lights flicker. “Jenny? What’s going on?”

Dust Storm. Generator off line.” Wendy looks out a window.

There’s no way I can go out in this. How long will back up power be on?”

Back up on three days. At three days I will shut down to prolong your power for another week.” Wendy nods.

Communications are out, aren’t they.” Its a statement, Wendy already knows the answer.

Yes.” She closes her eyes and sighs “Everything will be alright.” Wendy opens her eyes and looks at the terminal, as though her unbelieving look would clue in Jenny to what she thought her fate would be. It does not. With a sigh Wendy flops down at the little dinning table where her meals would appear from the wall already made by Jenny, though with only emergency power there is no meal waiting for her to eat nor would there be as Jenny operates in a limited fashion to use as little power as possible.

The days drag on in silence, Wendy living off of what is growing in the greenhouse while the wind keeps her company most of the time. After three days Jenny shuts down to preserve power, shortly after though the wind dies down and the low red star appears. With a relieved sigh Wendy watches Jenny return and slowly the lights turn back on. “You have many messages, Wendy.”

I figured, they can wait. I need to check on the generator.” Wendy does not wait for the AI’s retort as she quickly dresses and steps into the airlock. With a sigh she listens to the air vent and outer door open, she steps out and finds dust covering the stairs and the path, a large dune is built up against the shed though the walls still appear to be standing. She carefully steps down the stairs and goes over to the building. The walls still stand, there is some dust in the building but there is nothing noticeably wrong with it. With a sigh she returns to the station, the outer door closes, air vents in, and the inner door opens; she strips off the suit and goes to the terminal where messages await her.

Most are from command, talking about the storm and her but a few have no sender listed. Confused she opens one.

Message 25:

Wendy, you don’t know me, you don’t need to know me. You don’t even need to believe this message. Don’t trust Jenny.

Just as she finishes scanning it the terminal glitches and the messages from the unlisted sender vanish. “Jenny?”

Yes?” Wendy hesitates.

Are you ok? The screen glitched.”

I am in working order. I will preform a scan in a moment.”

Did I loose any messages?” Wendy knows she did.

There were no messages lost.” Wendy nods.

Alright, video message please.”


Hi command, the storm hit and took out power. It was out for four days, I checked out the generator but found nothing wrong with it. How are the efforts to bring me home? Wendy over and out.”

Sent.” Wendy sighs and pushes away from the terminal.

Nap time.” The AI is silent as she walks into her room and lays down to rest and to think about the message sent from someone unknown.