Wendy sends her message and sighs, yes. Today is the day to return to work. She slides from the desk and looks around “Jenny, what do we have in the greenhouse?”

Tomatoes, some green onions, thyme, rosemary, mint.”

Hmm… How big are the tomatoes?”

The ripe tomatoes are the size of grapes.” Wendy smiles and hums.

I’ll be having those then.” Jenny does not offer an answer as Wendy grabs a bowl and goes into the greenhouse, she manages to fill the bowl and returns, happily popping the small tomatoes into her mouth. They taste heavenly compared to the days of ration mush. “What are our orders?”

There are no orders currently, I do suggest checking the generator before another dust storm comes.”

There’s another?”

Yes, three days out.” Wendy nods and happily finishes off her breakfast before all but skipping to the air lock and pulling on her suit as fast as she can. Dressed she enters, the air is vented out, and the outer door opens; exiting for the first time in weeks gives her the same giddy feeling as the first time she left after the horrible dust storm, she makes her way to the generator and checks it. The wall is sturdy and the machine is running without issues, disappointed she hesitantly returns to the station. The outer door opens, she enters, air is vented in, and the inner door opens. She enters and takes the suit off “There is a message waiting for you, Wendy.”

Alright, pull it up for me, I’ll be there in a moment.” She kicks the suit aside and hurries to the terminal where the message is waiting. She hits play and the Director’s image fills her screen.

Wendy, we’re happy to hear from you. Take it easy for a few days, another dust storm is coming straight toward you. As for the rest of the crew coming to you, that is a no-go. After the last system failure we cannot send another person threw to you. We are working on getting you home as soon as possible but command tells me a solution is three months out. Sit tight, you will be brought home.” The image freezes and then closes, Wendy stares at the screen in disbelief.

Not coming here? Three months till I can get home?” Her voice holds betrayal. “How will I survive here for three months?”

Do not worry Wendy, you have me. We can make the best of this.” She sighs.

Yeah, I guess that’s the best we can do.” She agrees after a long while. “Record message.”


Hello Director, I’m sorry you can’t send the team here. I think it would be fun for the world to see more of this. I am prepared for the storm and will wait the three months it will take. Wendy out.” The message closes and sends, Wendy yawns and stretches. “Nap time, wake me if he responds or for lunch.”

I will Wendy.” The woman stands and walks into her bed room, she lays down and closes her eyes though she does not fall asleep, just lays there in silence.