The days and nights bleed together for Wendy, the only thing marking time is Jenny announcing meals that mostly go uneaten. She walks around in a daze, sleeps when not sniffling or staring at Darbi’s book; and spends most of her time in silence, mind far away from the research station. The only things that seem to break the monotony is the messages from command- Jared checking in, Director asking for words to say about Darbi from her sister, and messages from aunts and uncles checking in on her; but what really seems to snap the haze of depression is the video of Darbi’s funeral. Her words read by the Director of the doomed program, the well wishers, and finally her coffin being lowered into the family plot beside her mother and father. The haze shatters and the tears flow freely as she whispers her personal good byes to the air and Jenny constantly listening to her every word and monitoring her every move.

The haze is shattered, her sadness turning into a dull ache of loss as she stands up and showers, dressing in clean clothing and sitting at the table eating the meal prepared for her in silence. The nights and days still bleed together but now she eats and attempts to care for the greenhouse, still insisting on silence from Jenny as her heart slowly scares over the sadness and loneliness of loosing her sister.