Wendy, you need to wake.” The command is different from other mornings and Wendy wakes up, looking around very confused.

What is it Jenny?”

There is a message from Director, you need to watch it.” Mutely Wendy slides from bed and goes to the main terminal by the eating area the message is already up waiting to be played.

Wendy,” He begins, face grave “I thought I should tell you this personally. Yesterday Darbi was found unresponsive in her hospital room, despite the efforts of the doctors she remained in a coma.” He takes off his glasses and looks at her, eyebrows drawn together in confusion, anger, and pain “She… She passed early this morning, Wendy. I’m so sorry for your loss. We are working on bringing you home. I’m sorry for your loss, please take the time you need before returning to work. We understand.” The screen goes dark, Wendy leans back against her chair; she understands the words he has said, but somehow it feels surreal. For a few moments the research station is silent.

I am sorry for you loss.” Jenny cuts threw the silence, Wendy laughs.

You’re sorry for me? You’re a machine, you don’t know what its like to loose a loved one.” Wendy rises and goes to her bed room.

Where are you going?”

I’m going to lay down, Jenny. Leave me alone.” The door opens and slides shut, Jenny obeys her wishes and leaves Wendy alone. In the silence the words begin to sink in for her, Darbi is dead. Darbi is gone. Darbi is never coming back, you’ll never see her smile again, you’ll never celebrate her birthday, or stand by her at her wedding. The reality sinks in and the tears begin to fall, her body shakes with sobs for hours before she falls into a fitful sleep, exhausted from the crying.

Wendy?” Jenny’s voice is soft “Lunch is ready.” She turns over, pulling herself into a tight ball.

I’m not hungry.” The AI’s sound wave vanishes and Wendy is left alone in the silence again. With a sorrowful sigh Wendy closes her eyes, hoping for a never ending sleep to envelop her, instead an overwhelming sadness presses on her, pulling more sobs from her sore throat. Slowly the sobs turn into hiccups then into nothing but sniffles, at this point Wendy’s body screams for food, so hopeful Jenny left whatever was lunch she exits the room.

The bowl is left on the table and she quickly eats before going into the bathroom and getting in the shower. Anything to avoid Jenny and her soft soothing voice. The water beats down, slowly turning from warm to frigid but still Wendy stands under the spray till her body is shivering and she is forced to get out and redress, her clothing bringing immediate warmth to her. “Wendy, I have made you dinner and a warm drink, you must warm up.” She just nods mutely, eating the food and drinking the drink silently before going back to her bed and curling up under the covers, letting sleep take over so that she no longer sobs or stares into a void unseen by others.