The storm rages for days before slowly dying out, in that time the generator fails twice and communication is nonexistent but finally the winds let up and the multitude of messages held at bay flooded in for Wendy to read.

Message One:

Miss Wilkinson, there is a dust storm approaching, please check the generator before failure can occur.

Message Two:

Miss Wilkinson, the generator has failed. Please follow Jenny’s direction and recommendations, we don’t want you injured more then you are.

Message Three:

Miss Wilkinson, the generator is back on line, please fasten the loose paneling that caused the failure or it will repeat.

Message Four:

Miss Wilkinson, Director asked us to pass on news of your sister. She is awake but dazed and unsure of where she is. We will set up direct contact as soon as the storm clears and her memory returns.

More messages fill the screen, just the same short and semi-impersonal notes from the command team, Wendy ignores them and leans back in her chair, looking up at the ceiling. “Jenny, set up a video feed for me. I want to talk to command.”

It will take just a moment while communications reboot.” The messages vanished from the screen and the blue loading circle begins to spin while Jenny attempts to connect to the server. After a few minutes the circle vanishes and Jenny’s blue sound wave appears. “There is an error. You cannot have a live video feed at this time. Video recorded messages can be sent.”

I guess that’s fine… Set that up, please.” Wendy straightens herself some while Jenny works to set up a video message.

The message is ready, who would you prefer it addressed to?”

Oh, um… The first one to Darbi, please. Maybe seeing me will help her memories.” The information box fills in with “Darbi Wilkinson, room 205, bed 2” and the red recording light flicks on. “Hi Darbi, we can’t establish direct video chats on our end but I thought I would send this to you. I arrived safe and sound, and I’m happy to hear that you’re awake even if you are dazed a bit confused. The first message from the Director made it seemed like you were on death’s door step. Get better soon, I love you!” The red light vanishes the sending icon appears and when that is gone Jenny’s blue wave appears super imposed over the screen.

Do you wish to make another message?”

Yes, to the command center, please.” Again the information box fills in with the needed information and the red light comes on. “Hello command. The storm has passed, the generator failed a few times but everything seems to be in working order outside of live video calling. I have sent a message to Darbi and this is just a check in from my end. Oh and also stop calling me ‘Miss Wilkinson’ Wendy is fine with me. Reply soon.” The red light vanishes, the icon appears and when that is gone the sound wave returns.

Is there anyone else you wish to message?”

No Jenny, thank you. I’ll be in the green house, its the best place for observations without going outside.” The screen goes dark and Wendy rises slowly, gently padding to the green house and stepping into the space. The screen immediately lights up in the room and she groans, “Hello Jenny.”

Hello Wendy, you seem unhappy with my presence?”

It’ll take time to get used to. Let’s get started.” The recording red light comes on and Jenny’s sound wave vanishes. “Dust storm passed last night, taken from within green house of research station three by Wendy Wilkinson. Plants seem unaffected, dust is pilled in dunes at plant bases. Unclear where the plants are drawing water from, but the dark leaves work to draw in all available light from the red sun.” She falls silent and quietly Jenny clicks off the screen and turns off the terminal, Wendy stares out at the desolate horizon as her mind wanders. Finally she stands up and walks into her bed room, flopping on the bed and closing her eyes. Not sleeping but unwilling to be awake and pestered by the damnable AI that stalks her regardless of where she goes.