Warning. Warning. Dust Storm.” The voice is soft but the disturbance is enough to wake Wendy. “Warning. Warning. Dust Storm.”

I’m awake Jenny, thank you.” She grumbles and slides from bed, the closet opens revealing clean clothing. Wendy stares for a moment before going over and pulling out a pair of loose sweat pants and a t-shirt. She quickly changes, attempting to remain out of sight of the terminal, not trusting the company to not record her. “Status?”

Green house has three sprout. Storm will be passing in three days. Communications offline.”

Oh, well what should I do then?”

Unknown. I merely followed your request to wake you.” Wendy sighs, stupid computer program. Quietly she pads into the living space and looks around.

Jenny, lights on.”

Unable to comply with request.” The response is almost instant.

Why not?”

Generator off line.”

Fantastic. Send me to a world with dust storms, don’t make the generator dust storm proof.” with a sigh Wendy goes to the table, a meal appears and she eats it slowly in the dim, once what passes as food is gone she stands up. “How do I get the generator back on line?”

That requires a walk outside. It is unadvised to preform such a task at this time.”

Oh shut up. Tell me where it is and I’ll deal with it.” Wendy sasses back.

It is unadvised to preform such a task at this time.” Jenny repeats.

Oh for the love of god. I wave my right to sue should injury occur, now where is it?”

It is located ten yards east of the air lock. Proceed with caution, dust storms are very dangerous.” Wendy nods and goes to the air lock, just before the massive door is her suit, carefully she pulls it on before stepping into the only permanent part of the research station. The metal door swings shut and the air was vacated before the other door opens, immediately harsh sand and wind begins pelting Wendy but she presses on. Following her compass she finds the generator in a small shack with an outer wall broken in by the wind. With a sigh Wendy pulls the wall piece back into place before going inside and using the dirt that has blown in to prop up the piece; the generator is an easy task after that, she presses the green button and pulls the cord once, twice, and on the third try it fires up no problem. “Power restored.” Rings out in her suit and she sighs, realizing she’ll never be rid of the female voice.

She returns to the air lock, the dusty room fills with breathable air before the inner door opens, she removes her suit and trudges back to her bed, flopping down and falling asleep almost instantly, the manual labor having worn her out. She tosses and turns, the wind and the sound of small dust particles striking the outer walls bring little to comfort her but finally her mind finds peace and she lays near motionless on her bed dreaming of home and her sister.