The days blur for Wendy, it is hard to tell where one day ends and another begins as she drifts in and out of wakefulness. Finally her mind seems to come together and she finds herself able to remain awake for a few hours at a time rather then a few minutes. As she improves she becomes more aware of the room around her, it is warm but plain with a small terminal on the desk. “Jenny?” The terminal lights up.

Yes, Wendy?” a blue sound wave dances on the screen.

How long have I been sleeping?”

Since arriving you have slept for six days on and off. Do you wish to know total hours spent asleep?”

No, no. The days are fine. Did you message the director?”

I did, he responded but I did not wish to overwhelm you at the time.” The message appears where the sound wave was, Wendy slides from the bed and pads over to the terminal. Her eyes flicker over the short message, finally she sighs and straightens.

Am I fit to start working?”

Unknown at this time. Do I have your permission to preform a scan?” Wendy rolls her eyes

Yes, Jenny. I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t going to give you permission.” She holds still as a blue light fills the room, a loading bar appears over the message and slowly fills as Jenny scans her.

You are still unfit for duty. Rest is recommended.” Wendy nods “Light work and walking will not harm you though. Please feel free to look around the station.” The door swooshes open and she looks at the outer room, slowly Wendy walks out of her bedroom and into a living space.

This is kind of a small space isn’t it…” She mumbles, the sound wave appears again.

I do not understand the question, this station is as big as needed for a solitary human to reside.”

Solitary?” Wendy looks at the sound wave “But there were five other people with me.”

This is station three. There is one person per station.” Wendy wants to slap herself, of course that’s the case. They were told that and trained for a year in one of these pods. “Are you experiencing memory lapses?”

No, just slipped my mind is all.” She lies, her memories are slowly unfolding as she carefully walks through the building. “Can I go outside?”

Unadvised. You are not well enough.”

But can I? Like generally?”

As part of your training you have been trained on proper steps to successfully walk outside this station. You are not advised nor have you been cleared for a walk.” Wendy nods and goes to the low laying windows, the outside world is sparse with black plants scattered at random and the red sun setting. Dust gusts on the wind and builds up against the station, far in the distance are the other stations, lights off and lifeless.

Hey Jenny,” Wendy looks at the screen watching the blue sound wave come to life. “What’s the weather?”

Wind gusts of twenty-five miles per hour, sunset in two hours, temperature outside 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Likely hood of dust storm 75% and rising based off of current data storm will arrive here late tomorrow evening.”

Thank you Jenny.” Wendy sighs and pulls a chair away from a small table before flopping down. “What do we have to eat?”

You have thirty days reserve portions, do you wish for me to prepare a meal for you?”

Yeah,” Wendy looks at another door “What’s in there?”

That door is to the green house. Currently you have zero sprouts though the root systems are continuing to grow.” They lapse into silence the wind gradually picking up, finally a steaming plate rises up from the table center.

Thank you.” the meal is bland but filling, Wendy eats it quickly before standing up. “I’m going to rest now Jenny. Wake me when the storm hits.”

Understood. Sleep well Wendy.” The bed is welcoming, though she has not been up long Wendy lays down and shuts her eyes, listening to the wind pick up outside with the soft glow of the terminal giving her just enough light to see in the darkness.