“Wendy? Wendy, are you awake?” She groans and slowly awakens, eyes fluttering open only to slam shut against the harsh white light.

“Yeah.” Her voice is a harsh whisper, she attempts to clear her throat “W-where am I? Where’s Darbi?” She manages to sit and open her eyes, she squints against the light as her blue eyes attempt to adjust. “Darbi?”

“You are the only who made it here.” The calming voice responds, yet no one is standing there. Wendy is alone in the room.

“What? What do you mean? Who are you?” Panic rises in her musical voice as she looks around frantically.

“You are the only one who made it here. You are alone. Do not worry, Wendy, they will come soon.” The statements are not as soothing as one might believe, not for Wendy.

“Who are you!” She shouts, demanding answers.

“I am Jenny. I am built into this research station. I will assist you in every way I can.”

“So I’m… I’m alone?”

“For now.”

“Is Darbi safe?”

“I am afraid I do not have that information. I will contact the director and request that information if you wish.”

“Yes, please.” Wendy slides from the bed, her night gown barely covering her. She goes to the window and looks out. For as far as the eye can see there is only dust and black plants, nothing moves out there, nothing suggests life outside of the sole inhabitant of research station three.

“You should continue to rest.” The disembodied voice suggests, Wendy ignores it.

“Where are we?” There is silence, Wendy looks over her shoulder, half expecting to see another person but she is, indeed, alone.

“You do not remember?”

“Remember what?”

“You are Wendy Wilkinson, researcher. This is research station three, on Alpha XB-3.”

“Alpha XB-3?”

“What do you remember?” The voice finally prompts after running through a list of conversation options.

“There was a platform, someone talking, the ring lit up and I entered with Darbi.” Wendy closes her eyes to think “Maybe an alarm or bell of some sort… Someone saying abort the mission…” Her eyebrows scrunch together as she fights to recall “Then I woke up here.” There is silence, Wendy looks around again, hoping to place the voice. Speakers are located every where in the small room, but there is no source to the voice.

“You do not have clearance. I cannot tell you more then what you know.” Wendy nods slowly and pads back to the bed, heaving herself onto it and laying back. Her sore body relaxing immediately. “You will rest. I will send a message to the director asking him for clearance to share the reports with you.” Wendy can only nod as the little physical activity takes its toll and she is pulled back into the land of dreams.