From: Seventh Sanctum

Prompt: We called her Sophia, but we didn’t know why

She appeared one day, a raging storm swept through in the night and upon the flood water retreating we found her on the river bank. Her black clung her pale skin, her chest barely rose with her breathing, Pa scooped her up and brought her inside. For three days she rested on my bed near the small fire place, when her eyes finally opened it became clear this girl was not a human. Her eyes, the entirety of them, was as black as obsidian and she refused to speak, only stared at us as we tried to get information from her.

It was impossibly to know what her name was, where she was from, to know anything about her would a miracle yet as the days turned to weeks information began filling our minds. Her name is Sophia and we are her family now. Its hard to recall a time before Sophia, slowly she is laying claim to our memories and inserting herself into them. We call her Sophia, though we don’t know why or where she came from, but soon it won’t matter. Soon she will be a part of our family and our memories.