Abigail Compton

  • Researcher in the S8, focusing solely on telekinesis
  • Looks:
    • Age: 34
    • Eyes: Bright blue
    • Hair: Shoulder length black kept in a ponytail
    • Build: Thin
    • Height: average
    • Misc: red-ish scar under ear, about an inch long
  • Personality: Kind, hard working, secretive, quiet, shy, seems distant
  • Spends most of her time in her lab with her test subject, when at home she reads and watches movies.
  • Is rumored to be having an inappropriate relationship with her test subject.

Aaron Pratt

  • Research subject in the S8
  • Looks:
    • Age: 30
    • Eyes: gray
    • Hair: Black chin length
    • Build: Bulky, well built
    • Height: Tall/above average
    • Misc: 5 o’clock shadow, spider web-esque scar on left and right temple
  • Personality: Cold, distant, quiet, seemingly uncaring, defensive, easily angered
  • Spends more of his time in the lab with Abigail, when free from her he remains in his private room with the blinds drawn.
  • Is rumored to be having a relationship with Abigail, doesn’t bother to deny it as no one really believes it. Telekinetic