Research station:

  • The living space is roughly 15 feet by 15 feet this inflatable shelter offers all the protection needed to live. With a living area, sleeping area, bathroom, and green house these are easily deployed research areas with Jenny built in. The interface is intuitive and easy to use while also offering the best security measures to keep unwanted people from accessing files on the terminal. The green house is an attachment off of the south facing wall, it is a clear plastic that allows light in. It is roughly 4 feet wide and 15 feet long. This research station is equipped with a water collection system, the gray water is collected, filtered, and reused in the green house and in the station while the black water is retained in a holding tank where it is slowly broken down into fertilizer for the green house.


  • Alpha XB-3 is a barren waste land, the soil is a dark brown and the planets range in color from dark green to black. The sun is red so any light that can be collected must be, this planet was chosen as it is the closest to Earth that is habitable and within the standard communications window of twenty-four hours. There are animals on this planet but they only come out at night, thought to see in infrared they are the subject of many studies as they do not work together to survive, do not fight over resources, and seemingly live forever.


  • Wendy Wilkinson has been chosen to study the flora and fauna of Alpha XB-3, while she was sent ahead of her research team she fully expects others to be joining her when the all clear is given.
  • [Jenny’s mission has been redacted as per a recommendation by a dear friend of mine]