From: Seventh Sanctum writing prompt generator

Prompt: The rogue AIs were weeping


The sight was amazing, MOTHER was up in blue flames, the building housing her slowly crumbling as the heat melted the welds and beams holding it up. We had won, the war was over. Humanity, in some form, survived. I remember the smell of the smoke, it reeked of chemicals and melted plastic (probably not good for my health but I stood there and watched her burn anyway). The flames lit up the night, drawing people from far and wide to the command center of our AI gone wrong- we cheered, we cried, we danced, we sang, for once we were winning this war. But then another sound reached our ears, metallic and terrifying.

A few brave souls turned around, I’m sorry to say I was not one of them; the noise sent chills down my spine and froze me in place. It was other worldly, pained, full of sorrow I could not understand. The few that turn, the few that saw have told stories of it. The AI, the AI that tried to kill us, brought us to our knees. They were weeping as MOTHER burned.