From: 101 Writing Prompts for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers

Prompt 51 from page 30

The sun is setting slowly, just barely dipping below the horizon yet the day is still warm. His shirt clings to his back as he strolls down the beach, feet in the cool ocean and head in the clouds; he hums softly as he gazes across the wide expanse of sand and water, beach houses dot the grassland that butts up against the beach but the lights are all off. For a moment he wonders where his neighbors are but that thought is quickly banished as a blue light catches his attention. As he approaches the light it becomes apparent that its a gem, he straightens and looks at the sun, now dipping too far below the watery horizon to be lighting the object. He looks back to the gem, it seems to call to him- begging him to reach out and touch it. Before he knows it he is reaching for it, drawn to the glow, his finger tips just brush it and the world spins then goes black.

He awakens hours later, the sun has vanished and moon is high over head, the gem is gone and he feels sick. Slowly he stands up before hurrying to his beach house, intent on forgetting the walk on the beach and the gem that had been glowing at sunset.