From: 101 writing prompts for fantasy and science fiction

Page 42 prompts 86

The inn is cozy enough, the food is warm though tasteless and the mead is wonderful; I finish my food and toss my coin on the table before shuffling through the crowd to the massive fire place, the flames snap and pop, sending up sparks and smoke and radiating warm orange light and warmth. I hum to myself and lean against the stone wall, all around me people whisper and talk though none look at me I’m stuck wondering if they’re talking about me. When I checked in here the keeper said they don’t get outsiders let alone mystics and readers, I sigh and close my eyes remembering home. So far away now, far beyond the mountains, the rivers, the plains, so very far away.

I can see mama in the kitchen baking apple pie, the smell filling me with joy even now, I see Jane in the court yard with her little dolly, smiling and babbling to herself in a language unknown to us, and papa sweaty from a hard days work, the smell over powering as he strolls passed me and my books to the kitchen. I glance in and see him pull mama close, giving her a loving kiss on the cheek before pulling away and heading to the bath. He never liked that I was too weak to work the plow but I can still see the pride swell his chest when I was chosen to wander the far reaches of the empire to bring the prince in exile home. With a sigh I open my eyes, my visions so clear just moments ago vanish as the dim room is revealed, disappointment washes over me as I push away from the wall and go to my room, slamming the door shut behind me and falling onto my bed with a dull thud. A few days rest will do me good, the prince will be here in three days time then I can return to mama, Jane, and papa on the farm. Perhaps I’ll try my hand at the plow again, I don’t like sitting in the sun with a book all day.