From: 101Writing Prompts for Fantasy & Science Fiction Writers Vol. 1 by L.K. Grant

Prompt 1 from page 10

Everyone has a twin… Everyone but me.

23 years ago my village was ripped apart by a massive storm, at the height of the chaos my mother went into labor and I came forth from her. Just me, no sibling, no twin- Just me. My father was allowed to keep me, but my mother was burned for being a witch and heretic. I didn’t have a name till I was ten and the emperor in the capital called me and my father forth to his palace to reside, and even then I was only really called “The Solitary One.” I lived in the palace under the care of the emperor’s doctor till I was fifteen, by then the emperor’s fascination with me had vanished and he sent me away to my old village. My dad in that time had remarried, had sons, and no longer wanted me… I found that out when I returned home and he threw my old things out the window and locked the door when I left. I don’t blame him, he probably hates me… That’s ok, he can hate me, I’m not actually sure he ever loved me anyway.

At fifteen I was cast out of my home, I took what I could carry and vanished into the mountains, I marched up the steep slopes and through narrow valleys, for months I marched till I had passed out of my lands, through our neighbors, and into the unknown. The first village I came to after passing through so much of the land I stopped, there were no twins, everyone was just themselves. For once I was normal, I pressed on till I reached the sea and there I built a small house near a town. No one really bothered me though they were all nice enough.

23 years ago I was born and in that time I never had a home, but now I walk the streets to the market with my fresh caught fish. The people smile at me and talk with me. For 23 years I didn’t have a home but now, now I do. I am me and there’s only one of me, I thought I was a freak but it turns out a lot of people are born without a twin. I’m happy to be home.